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How Many Grizzly Attacks Is Enough?

One of the most interesting and controversial topics we face as conservationists is the management of the grizzly bear. Unfortunately for us, grizzly bear management is 100% political. The lawsuits based on the emotions of environmental groups resulting in federal judges striking down management plans based on facts and numbers …

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Arizona Wolves On The Rise

It seems this topic gets very little attention and I must admit that I don’t know much about the actual impact the wolves are having on game animals in Arizona and New Mexico. That said, I’d love to hear your opinions on this wolf recovery program and the effects it …

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$1,000 for shooting a wolf?

  Get paid to shoot a wolf? Well, not quite, but it’s the next best thing. If you are planning to hunt or trap wolves in Idaho you can take advantage of this program and get a reimbursement of up to $1,000 per wolf if you are successful! That’s right, …

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Cougars Taking Over Colorado

In some areas, nearly half of Colorado deer and elk hunters reported seeing mountain lions or tracks while they hunted last year. One CPW supervisor told me an outfitter with 18 camps said that every camp reported seeing lions or lion tracks. When hunters are seeing mountain lions, there are …

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Collecting Grizzly Claws

“What are you doing here then?” “I hunt griz…” “Griz?” “Grizzly bears, pilgrim!  I collect the claws.”   This direct quote from the popular movie Jeremiah Johnson was supposed to take place in the 1800s. Back then you could hunt grizzly bears and collect the claws if you wanted to. …

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