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Bear Aware!

An Alaska man was recently killed by a brown bear on his property near the Kenai River last week. A Montana man was severely mauled by a grizzly and only survived thanks to his wife’s quick thinking of running the bruin off with their pickup. Unfortunately, if you live in …

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Grizzlies on the Prairie

At first glance, this report from a Montana news station is alarming: More grizzly bears popping up on the prairie.  As much as we are concerned about their management in the Intermountain West, or lack thereof, historically speaking, grizzlies are no strangers to the flat land. Here is an account …

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How to survive a bear attack! FULL FILM

Learn how to survive a bear attack and defend yourself from a black bear or grizzly bear. Know your self defense options and how to prepare for bear country whether you are hiking, camping, backpacking or hunting. Dan Pickar tests bear spray and shows how to use it properly. He …

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How Many Grizzly Attacks Is Enough?

One of the most interesting and controversial topics we face as conservationists is the management of the grizzly bear. Unfortunately for us, grizzly bear management is 100% political. The lawsuits based on the emotions of environmental groups resulting in federal judges striking down management plans based on facts and numbers …

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Arizona Wolves On The Rise

It seems this topic gets very little attention and I must admit that I don’t know much about the actual impact the wolves are having on game animals in Arizona and New Mexico. That said, I’d love to hear your opinions on this wolf recovery program and the effects it …

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