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Trophy Hunting IS Conservation

In talking about society’s misperception of what Trophy Hunting is around the office, the topic of how many “trophy” big game animals we all have taken came up. Obviously there’s a bunch of them and the number of states, countries and even continents where we’ve done so was surprisingly high. …

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Second chance to draw Idaho for 2021?

Although thousands of applicants already partake in Idaho’s second controlled drawing for deer, elk, pronghorn and black bear, it is a process that few know about or consider for their hunt plans. By the time this deadline hits, fall is fast approaching and most hunters are already lined up and …

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Poaching Conviction in Colorado

If you’ve ever thought about trying to pull off dual residency to get resident hunting licenses in more than one state, you’d better think twice before actually doing it.  Recently, a Georgia man who had once resided in Colorado, was busted for buying hunting licenses and poaching game as a …

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Tie In A Peep Sight – Archery How To

Learn how to securely tie in your peep sight on any compound bow. Dan Pickar shares his step by step method to secure a peep sight and keep it from moving. Whether you are bow hunting or target shooting, keeping your peep sight in its proper place is important for …

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Grizzly Bears Migrating East!

Last week a 450 pound male grizzly bear was euthanized by the USDA after it was confirmed that it killed a beef cow in the Big Snowy Mountains south of Lewistown. That’s right, Lewistown! This is way outside the current home range of Grizzly bears in Montana. The Snowy Mountains …

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