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Wyoming May Postpone Shed Season

Game and Fish is considering postponing the May 1 shed season this year. Winter conditions in Wyoming are unlike anything we’ve seen in 30 years and big game animals are struggling. Winter has lasted a long time and most of the state has well over 100% of objectives when it …

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Husky Killed For Mauling Deer

“He told us he was unable to get his dog to come back to him. He appeared very upset and stated he didn’t know why his dog would do something like this.” A Jackson, Wyoming man lost control of his pet Husky early this week and the dog severely mauled …

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Avian Flu In California Mountain Lions

HPAI H5N1 better known as the Eurasian Avian Flu, was first reported in California in July, 2022. The disease is mostly impacting birds but can be transferred to carnivorous animals when the infected bird is ingested. To date, this virus has been found in 45 of the 58 counties in …

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The “Wild” Horse Conundrum

When people think of the old West images of weathered cowboys like Vigo Mortensen in “Hidalgo” and native tribes of horse oriented hunters roaming the desert on horseback looking for buffalo are the first thing that comes to mind. Often these memories are etched as a mural, that at one …

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