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Hunting Late Season for Trophy Antelope

Hunting antelope bucks with a rifle in mid to late October is my personal preference. Many western states have hunting seasons that last well into that time frame. In fact, Montana’s antelope season sometimes runs well into November. A big advantage to hunting this late is that by the time …

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Mike Eastman Hunts B&C Pronghorn

Mike Eastman takes to the public land of Wyoming for a DIY antelope hunt in this web edition of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. With decades of pronghorn hunting under his belt, Eastman sets a high bar and won’t settle for just any trophy antelope. It’s a Boone & Crockett buck or …

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Idaho’s Best Antelope Units

Idaho has a good list of pronghorn hunt opportunities that allow for a great pursuit and likely harvest if you draw a permit. Harvest success is quite high for rifle hunters, muzzleloader drops a bit and archery is at the bottom of the heap, but when compared to other archery …

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Crispi Valdres GTX Boot Review

I am somewhat of a nostalgic, the type of person that loves to recall a memory while looking at a picture or thinking about what places a piece of gear has traveled with me. Recently I was asked to review the Crispi Valdres boots and that brought back memories from …

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