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Lowa Baldo GTX

In my ever present search for supportive, yet lightweight footwear I seem to keep stumbling on to amazing boots/shoes that take comfort and support to the next level. In recent years I have definitely gravitated toward ultralight footwear. To say I have adopted the old adage of “a pound on …

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Survival in Your Pocket

I’d like to be able to tell people that I’ve never been lost, confused, misplaced or just stuck out overnight away from my camp before but that would be a lie! If the truth were to be told, I find myself stuck out overnight a few times each year but …

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Picking Your Conservation Organization

I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to wildlife conservation.  Each January I sacrifice time with my family, sleep and my liver to attend the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Sheep Show.  There are more Life Member plaques in my trophy room than I can count and enough conservation organization …

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New Layers from Prois!

The world of women’s apparel continues to grow as does the number of women actively participating in the world of hands-on conservation, which we all know as hunting. It is encouraging to see gear being made to the specifications of women who love the outdoors. Here is a taste of …

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Protect Your Valuables- What We Store In Our Liberty Safes

Family man and hunter Ike Eastman shares his experience with Liberty Safe. Keeping guns out of unwanted hands is often a foremost concern, but protecting valuables such as optics, passports, birth certificates and irreplaceable family memories provides priceless piece of mind. Liberty Safe’s seamless construction, waterproof seals and fire protection …

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