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Unlimited Elk Permits In Utah????

A lot of big changes are coming in Utah for 2021. The biggest news is the cap on the general any-bull elk permits. The last several years they have been capped at 15,000 licenses. After several recommendations by conservation groups and meetings with the state elk committee, the decision has …

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Late Season Archery Bulls

Are you one of the Elk die hards still finding yourself thinking and dreaming of hunting that big bull?  Well, the rut may be over but there are still good opportunities to chase bulls you just have to change your tactics.  The late season offers the chance to extend your …

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Bowhunting Cross-training

Bowhunting elk is an ever-evolving game from the start of the season to the end. Many tactics work, but many only work for a certain part of the season or just a couple days. For example, bulls are easier to call in during certain times of the season or if …

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Calling Mature Bulls in September

  Calling elk on public land can be the most difficult task for any bowhunter. It is rare to see a 330 bull come in to calls like you see on TV, especially on public land.  The easiest bulls to call are satellite bulls. The only problem is these are …

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Closing the Distance – Elk Stalking Tactics

When it comes to hunting elk, the classic scenario you see on TV is calling a big bull into 20 yards, nostrils flaring and spit flying, all to make an easy shot. Any seasoned elk hunter knows it rarely happens this way, especially on highly pressured elk on public land. …

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This Could Be Your Next Elk Hunt!

Big bulls! Join Guy Eastman as he goes elk hunting with four different EASTMAN’S’ BOWHUNTING JOURNAL hunt winners. These lucky Eastmans’ subscribers hunt during the peak of the elk rut when anything can happen and does on this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. Get Your Name In The Hat …

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