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I Got a Refund and an Elk Tag!

Another Montana application season in the books with no successful draws to mention. To my surprise, I received a General Elk license in the mail yesterday along with a refund in another envelope! This had me scratching my head as logged in to MyFWP once again to check my drawing …

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Top 5 Idaho Elk Hunts

 As we draw near the end of application season many states already have results out and only a couple places are still open for applications, you guessed it, Idaho is one of them. Idaho OTC hunts have become all but extinct (at least for a post draw season opportunity) thus, …

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Eastmans’ Subscriber Tips – Public Land Elk Tips

GUEST AUTHOR: Wes Reidhead The following excerpt is a golden nugget for hunting heavily pressured public land elk by Arizona hunter and Eastmans’ member, Wes Reidhead. This excerpt was taken from Wes’ account of his son’s successful AZ, DIY elk hunt. To view the full story become a TagHub member today!  …

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Free Landowner Elk Tags in Montana

Due to legislation in 2021 there have been some changes to free landowner elk tags and after the changes, there has been a jump in interest by landowners. There have been free landowner tags in place for the last ten years but just a few have taken advantage of them …

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FWP Eliminating Shoulder Seasons

Recently, the director of Montana FWP informed wildlife managers that the state is moving away from shoulder seasons and will begin calling them early and late antlerless elk seasons. Shoulder seasons began in 2016 as an experimental season with the intent of curbing rising elk populations in areas that are …

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