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Call Wise Bulls

As late summer light melts off the West faces, velvet bulls materialize from the shadows for a lazy evening of feeding. Bulls are on easy street, packing on the pounds and inches of antler. Bulls are most visible this time of year, as their tender velvet keeps them out of …

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Bowhunting the Elk Rut

DIY bow hunter Dan Pickar takes to the timber of chasing rutting bull elk. Bowhunting the thick timber takes patience and makes closing the deal difficult. Pickar doesn’t back down and arrows a nice public land bull in this web edition of Eastmans’ Hunting TV.

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Public Land Bowhunt

Hike the public land of Wyoming in pursuit of trophy elk. Archer Dan Pickar is combing country for a 350-class bull to hunt with his bow. DIY public land bowhunting successfully is no easy feat. Enjoy this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV and takes some tips afield with you …

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Another Montana Elk Poacher!

Yet another elk poaching case has come to light in Montana, this one taking place in Ravalli and Missoula counties. Both cases date back to 2017 and deal with Brady Joe Stamps killing elk illegally on private lands he did not have permission to be on, the second bull being …

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Missoula Elk Herds In Trouble?

Missoula, Montana area biologist Liz Bradley is noticing that elk herds around the suburban areas of the city have been in decline for the past three years with a total of 216 animals being lost from one of her counted herds just this Spring. This decline begs questions… is it …

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