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I Want To Hunt Utah, ##$$#!

  Every nonresident hunter has Utah on the list for places to hunt. If you got into the points game late, most coveted tags are unreachable and this actually goes for residents too. Every year at the sport shows Utah guys complain how they never can get drawn for a …

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Guy’s Trashy Nontypical Colorado Bull!

Guy Eastman hunts a nontypical Colorado bull elk. Antler growth is very strong after a wet spring in the region making for great fall hunting opportunity. Fall rain showers add to the advantage creating the perfect conditions for stalking and hunting elk. Follow along as Guy harvests one of his …

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Wolf! Up-Close Encounter

Hunter Zach Evans is surprised by a Wyoming wolf while bowhunting for elk. The wolf comes within a few yards of Evans! Luckily Evans is ready with bear spray in hand. Read the entire story in Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal!

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Hoof Rot: A Crisis In The Pacific Northwest

Elk hoof disease showed up in southwestern Washington elk herds around 2000 and has been slowly progressing ever since. A dramatic rise in reports of limping elk in 2007 prompted a scientific investigation into what was causing the rapid spread. Symptoms include limping while walking and overgrown or broken hooves. …

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Idaho Tags Gone In A Flash

  Many of us have either been a part of or heard about the recent buzz of the Sawtooth Elk Zone tag sales and herd management. Over the years this area has taken a substantial population hit yet the hunt popularity for these zones has remained quite high and now …

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