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Grizzly Poached-Google Solves Case


“Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers discovered a dead mother grizzly bear shot several times near Little Warm River in April. Jared and Rex Baum of Ashton are charged with felony unlawful killing possessing or wasting wildlife for killing the grizzly bear.”

Jared and Rex Baum gunned down this sow grizz with the intent of walking away and saying nothing. Afterall, people in glass houses sink… no wait… it’s loose lips sink ships. Getting caught by Google was obviously not in their plans. That’s right, Google! 

IDFG discovered the poaching bear and her nearby deceased cub in mid-March, she was being monitored via game camera. The sow had 10 5.7mm bullets inside of her leading to the obvious conclusion she had been killed on purpose. Whether or not the slaying was self defense or even justifiable was yet to be determined. A reward was posted for information regarding the case. 

IDFG waited until May and then sent a warrant to Google for a release of electronic devices in the area of the bear’s death around the time of her killing. Jared Baum’s device was discovered to have been present in the area at the suspected time. Busted by Google! 

It was then discovered that the Baum’s intentionally suppressed the poaching, attempted to destroy the pistol used and sell the ammunition. They now face a preliminary hearing on December 22nd for their charges. 

I’m not sure what’s more stupid, killing a grizzly bear without justifiable cause (defense of self or others) or thinking that in today’s world you wouldn’t be found out when you’re carrying a device that can be traced to your exact location and pinpoint the time when you were there. Oh, and destroying/eliminating evidence that has an electronic trail as well. 

I do have to give credit where credit is due… the IDFG using Google to discover devices to narrow the search is genius. Technology really can make life easier, especially when it’s used to catch poachers.  



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  1. Completely changed the game. Poachers days are coming to an end. Definitely a win for the wildlife.

  2. Well I couldn’t be happier that they got caught. Now don’t just give them a pat on the back fine them and take every thing they used in the process of killing the bear. Vehicle etc. etc. Jail time big fine and community service working with the fish and game. I know the griz is on a come back but this type of malicious behavior should be stomped on. This just keeps the honest hunter from being able to hunt a griz legally because it cuts the numbers. Also the number of times they shot this bear should be a clue to the type of guys they are and they are not men or hunters low life they are.

  3. I believe that anyone that poaches should get the death sentence. Just as if they killed someone. Especially when it comes to a sow, cow, doe, or any female animal. They are the ones that will keep reproducing and help the population grow.

  4. Well Well, google and tech CAN help. I just with Oregon and other states would do the same thing and supena for device records of anyone in the general area of a crime/poaching scene. Ya know, some people, most dont think about that part of the equation. Great tool to catch criminals and weed out others who are not.

  5. Throw the book at them and just don’t slap their hands

  6. Good thing your article now tells all poachers to make sure they turn off their phones.

  7. I’m surprised more people aren’t bothered by the fact that the government can use a company like Google to track you. Obviously there are no privacy rights! Eventually, what else will this technology be used for in tracking you?

  8. First of all, who goes out to kill Grizzlies with a 5.7? That’s probably why it had 10 holes in it! If it was “self defense” they could have reported it an probably been fine.

  9. Who cares what they can track that’s the norm now days if your not doing anything wrong with does it matter?
    If you were in trouble and needed help you would be glad they did! What was done is inexcusable and should be punished with the full extent of the law
    We have a change from the creator to take care of all the animals and when someone takes advantage of that God given right they should face the full consequences of their actions.!!!

  10. poaching?
    1 : to encroach upon especially for the purpose of taking something. 2 : to trespass for the purpose of stealing game also : to take game or fish illegally

    The definition of poaching is “Take” something illegally.
    This was not poaching, it was killing.
    Now this will have to be investigated to decide if the killing was justified. I know that if I were to set out to kill a grizzly bear, I would take a whole lot more gun.
    Most likely it was self defense from an attacking bear.

  11. I’m glad they got caught but as mentioned earlier, I think privacy was violated. What happened to old fashioned investigating?

  12. It is very easy to think how wonderful this technology is for catching these poachers, but we must see the bigger picture. One comment said if you are not doing anything wrong why worry! Well, when I go to the bathroom it is not wrong, but I do not want to be monitored. We must be careful what we wish for because we all want poachers caught. We must worry with today’s political atmosphere who is going to decide what right and wrong are. Wake up to the big picture.

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