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DISTURBING! Wildlife Management and Ranching Under Attack on BLM Lands

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I just read a very disturbing news article. Thanks to the article by author and rancher Cat Urbigkit in Cowboy State Daily, I’m able to pass along this information to help spread the word of very dangerous undertakings and games being played by the Federal Government and anti-hunting groups.

We’ve all heard the rumors of agendas to create “Buffalo Commons” or wide-ranging and connected bison herds in America again. Well, it isn’t just rumor.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, “A federal Bison Working Group will consist of the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Land Management, and the Geological Survey. This group will work on a strategy to “identify optimal approaches for populating new, healthy herds of wild bison” and “because most bison on Federal lands live in relatively small, isolated, range-restricted herds,” the new plan will focus on “managing these populations as one single connected population.” The executive order mandates completion of the draft plan by the end of this year.”

The funding proposal behind this is real, too, to the tune of $25 million from the Inflation Reduction Act funds!!! And did you notice that ranchers and private landowners weren’t included in the list of those with a seat at the table?


The craziness doesn’t stop there, either. The Biden administration produced an 88 page document pushing that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) “offers a new tool, conservation leases, that would allow the public to directly support durable protection and restoration efforts to build and maintain the resilience of public lands. These leases would be available to entities seeking to restore public lands or provide mitigation for a particular action.” This is code for a push to shut down public lands for sustained multiple use as they are used now. They aren’t actually promoting “conservation” (the wise use of resources), they are pushing for “preservation” (the non-use of resources)!


Thankfully, “the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service rejected another radical petition to list coyotes as endangered under the ESA due to similarity of appearance with endangered Mexican wolves. The petition was filed by the usual suspects: Western Watersheds Project, Center for Biological Diversity, WildEarth Guardians, etc.”

And, “another proposal, backed by Western Watersheds Project, urges President Joe Biden to issue an Executive Order that closes all federally-managed public lands in the United States to beaver trapping and hunting “as an emergency climate change and biodiversity loss response measure.””

This is scary stuff guys and gals! Let your voice be heard ASAP to your congressional representatives and senators.

List of U.S. Representatives (click here)

List of U.S. Senators  

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  1. Funny how Eastman’s, guide service groups, and residents completely alienates, vilifies and bashes nonresidents….driving up nonresident license fees, point and license and draw allotments. Yet now you are begging the nonresidents to stand by you and help with your voice against the Federal Government’s overreach….I don’t think so. Y’all have made sure nonresidents don’t have a voice. You can stand alone.

  2. It’ll never happen. Breathe Grasshopper!

  3. Random Holford

    AMAZING! I’m preaching to a congregation of pastors but controlled hunting is beneficial to wildlife. These actions have no intention of accomplishing anything positive they are designed to eliminate hunting. Why have a seat for farmers and ranchers at this table. These folks are against them too.

    The most appalling part of these actions is the fact that when these cases involving NGOs go to court their position is funded by tax dollars. Our tax dollars are used against us! Incredibly unjust.

  4. I believe the Western states have alienated the nonresidents to the point that they as hunters don’t understand who to support anymore. Your not welcome to hunt here but we need your support.

    • Who says non residents aren’t welcomed to hunt the western states? I welcome non residents when I meet them in the field.

  5. Is this blog obsolete? Not seeing anything recent here

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