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Attacked by a Coyote

You might have a similar reaction to mine, a soft chuckle and… come-on, really, a coyote? I visited my cousin a few weeks back, as we walked the property behind their house she mentioned the coyotes being aggressive, running towards them barking, acting aggressive when they ride horses through, etc. …

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Activists After Coyote Hunting

There was a time when the Endangered Species Act was regarded as a solid, non-partisan tool applauded by all. Well thought out considerations and care were put into the application of a species with clear intentions and goals. There was real tangibility, reason, and consensus as we maneuvered endangered species …

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Covid Altering Bear Behavior?

Before you roll your eyes and keep scrolling, let me explain. . . I don’t mean that Covid 19 has directly affected bear behavior via infection, I’m talking about the effects Covid had on outdoor recreation and the ripple effect all those extra people in the woods and mountains had …

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