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MID-FALL MULIES: Hunting October Bucks

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a mule deer master, a man who in his lifetime has forgotten more about hunting big mulies than I’ll ever know. Mike Eastman has spent decades studying and hunting big mule deer bucks from the high alpine basins where September dreams …

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Official CWD Management Plan For Wyoming

After much deliberation, the official Wyoming Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Plan is here. In March, I detailed portions of the proposed plan and some of my thoughts on the overall CWD topic (you can refresh your memory on by clicking here). You can click here to view the Official Plan, …

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Top Idaho Deer Areas 2020!

Photo Credit: Mike Eastman Mule deer, such a unique creature, somewhat common, as they can be found all over the western United States, yet highly revered and sought after by many. Whether you see them in your backyard with regularity, or have rarely caught a glimpse of one over the …

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