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Arizona Deer Hunt Changes

https://www.azgfd.com/archery-deer-hunters-changes-coming-to-over-the-counter-nonpermit-tag-opportunity/ Changes are on the horizon for Arizona archery deer hunters. Beginning this year the Arizona Game and Fish Department will establish a maximum harvest threshold for each unit and require mandatory harvest reporting. Once the harvest threshold is met the unit will be closed at sundown of the following …

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Fewer Elk and Predators = More Mule Deer

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department is looking at intentionally managing our struggling mule deer herds in the state by considering adding more aggressive elk management and predator management to the mix.  To date, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department has a separate ongoing project “which focuses on improving habitat, …

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CWD Management – Science or Money?

  As I reported in my blogs on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management in Wyoming in the spring (click here to read) and summer (click here to read) of 2020, the Wyoming Game & Fish management plan contains some potential management strategies that are very concerning, especially since there are …

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Mule Deer Money Allocated

  Being a lifelong mule deer fanatic, it makes me elated to see so much attention and focus being put on the future of the species’ existence and long-term health. In late January the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission took another step to help improve habitat and protect migration corridors, …

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Disturbing the Winter Range?

This topic brings up a long list of thoughts and opinions…What exactly does disturbing the winter range constitute and if or when is it okay? We live in a free country, right? Why can’t I get out and enjoy the outdoors whenever and wherever I please? Well, here are some …

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Wyoming’s Mule Deer Need Your Help

The Wyoming Game and Fish released a reminder to slow down on the highways and watch for poachers on Wyoming’s winter ranges this winter in hopes of protecting wildlife and especially the mule deer herd in southwest Wyoming. Every year hundreds of big game animals get hit on Wyoming’s highways …

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