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Just A Matter Of Time: CO Wolf Breeding

“The analysis determined that F1084 had been mislabeled and is in fact a female gray wolf.” 

A pair of wolves in Jackson County, Colorado exhibiting signs of denning behavior have thrown CPW biologists for a loop as one of the pair was thought to be male. CPW biologists worked with Wyoming Game and Fish and Grand Teton National Park to dig deeper and look into genetic records of wolf F1084 and determined she had been mislabeled. 

F1084 and M2101 are both wolves that dispersed from Wyoming and into Colorado naturally. Their potential breeding is of great interest to CPW even as the state begins it’s reintroduction of gray wolves. CPW is also continuing its monitoring of F1084 and M2101 looking for signs of other wolves in the area.

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  1. Carhardt Mike

    Another ‘case’ wherein the unjustified ‘deification’ of the scientific practitioner proves perilous; perhaps the wolf’ s gender identification pronouns were a source of consternation for the dazzling [b]iologist unfamiliar with the genitalia of Canis lupus? This type of ineptitude-once couple with ‘scientific management by referendum’-evidences what Reagan made plain: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.’ Would it be too much to ask that wildlife biologists at least possess rudimentary knowledge-much less a heightened understanding-of the fundamentals of the biological sciences before we bestow upon them a career wherein they cannot be fired for abject incompetency, a Big-fat pension in perpetuity, and the power of ‘managing’ Our Wildlife?

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