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Colorado Wolves: Killing Pets & A Safe-Space

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As Colorado nears the actual implementation of its fairy-tale wolf “reintroduction” plan, some inconvenient and ugly realities of plunging the large predator back into the mix of modern society are taking center stage. First, it seems that wolves harbor severe contempt for domestic dogs and they don’t discriminate whether the dog or dogs in question are working animals or pets; the end result? Fido loses badly. 

It seems we’ve seen something similar in Colorado already this year with the cougar killing spree taking place on the state’s front range. Hmmm, I see a pattern here. 

Second, in an interesting attempt to protect its beloved, transplanted wolves, Colorado is implementing a 60 mile buffer zone with the bordering states of Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. Sixty miles? That’s laughable as young wolves or displaced wolves will travel much further than that seeking home ranges or suitable habitat. It’s also exactly how the North Park wolves responsible for killing dogs and livestock got to Colorado in the first place. 

To me this attempt to provide a safe-space displays enormous ignorance on the part of Colorado FWP and is the exact same thinking that led to the wolf “reintroduction” run amuck in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Combine said ignorance with seemingly willful arrogance that they know how to manage a species that’s been vacant from the landscape for at least two generations of biologists and you’ve got the makings of a Shakespearian tragedy; Macbeth – ambition – ignorance – arrogance – disaster. . . you get the picture. 

I’ll be in the back with my popcorn. 



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  2. Gregory S. Jackson

    As in so many areas of our lives, it is the combination of ignorance & hubris that is the source of so much of our problems – and this is no exception.
    Thank you, Todd.

  3. Only need to look at Minnesota to see where this wolf business is going.. Minnesota used to have thousands of moose and a few hundred wolves.. now there’s thousands of wolves and a few hundred moose in the state.. deer and family pets are on the menu now..

  4. Western Slope resident

    Prior to 2020, Colorado Parks and Wildlife published a paper saying that the State was not suitable for wolves. The voters on the eastern slope of CO voted the reintroduction in, but to only put them on the western slope, so now CPW and everyone living on the western slope gets to deal with what the ballot box biologists in Denver chose for them. Not a good deal.

    • Thank you. I wish Todd would not have placed the blame on Colorado FWP. They have no say in it. It is by law now they have to take action. A law that passed by 50.91%. They have to follow the statue that has passed. I wish platforms such as this would have started a push a rise in the sportsman community and defeated this bill. Again by only 50.91% did it pass. Instead of looking backwards and writing pieces such as this placing blame. Sportsman need to get organized and look forward. We need unity in all our endeavors, fight the same way the activists are and stop placing blame amongst ourself. Or we will only continue to lose.

      • Alan, we did give you a heads up, both here and on our various social media platforms. . . here’s a link.


        The unfortunate reality of ballot box biology is that in states like Colorado where the majority of the population lives in an urban setting (The Front Range) and is removed from the real world consequences of issues like wolf reintroduction, replacing human hunters with wolves, lions and bears is going to continue to happen. It’s a nefarious agenda!

      • Harrie Dennison

        Thank you Todd. We as hunters just want to be left alone, and then we can’t believe it when something we want is taken away or added to, that ultimately affects our hunting, like introducing wolves. We have to wake up and get involved and fight back intelligently, legally,and as one voice. We need to turn into advocates for hunting and if need be use similar tactics as the preservationist and anti-hunters, BUT tell the truth about hunting conservation and our right to harvest, and not let the lies about us and conservation, and our right to hunt, be taken away by the urban majority. Joining Howl for Wildlife is a great place to start. Many of us are under the impression that our Wildlife agencies and the game biologists set the rules and make the laws. When the preservationist and anti-hunters don’t get their way they turn to the ballot initiative and the decision is made by uninformed Urban dwellers who don’t step a foot out in the wilderness area or understand game management, predator control, and predator devastation, and it becomes law by less that 1% in this case!

      • Alan Reschke, THANK YOU for lending clarity to this travesty ! “We” sports men & women should get our heads out of our asses and begin fighting “fire with fire”, there is a clear & present danger to our ways of life and it is no longer “on the horizon”, it is present in every aspect of our way of life TODAY and forward !! I have friends that refuse to spend even $1 to join any organization yet lament daily about what is taking place. The blatant dishonesty in only going to increase without resistance folks !!

  5. Dwight Gunderson

    I hunted elk in for 26 years in Montana but after The Wolf re-introduction, the herd was decimated and that’s why I started hunting in Colorado. They’ve been issuing way too many cow tags now and with the wolves being re-introduced it’ll soon be as bad or worse than Montana!😩

  6. In some states
    You shoot,
    And shut up

  7. We seem to have laws for everything else maybe it’s about time we push for a law that says wild game laws can only be passed base on scientific facts

  8. I really hope there taking from other states for the reintroduction rather then grabbing more from Canada. Idaho has some 1300+ you could thin out if a little common sense was used which is a dying commodity. In reality the powers that be in Colorado that favor wolves just need to be patience cause more are coming to the preexisting numbers in time

  9. Colorado Parks and Wildlife WAS FORCED into this situation by the voters who thought wolf reintroduction was a good idea. I have thought it would be a good idea to let the wolves loose in the metro area counties that voted for this. The people who are suffering from this misguided idea right now are the ranchers in North Park, soon it will be other parts of the state. This is all based on emotion, not any common sense, as these liberal tree huggers don’t care about what has happened in WY, MT, ID, MN, and the Boulder liberal governor here is NO HELP either. I understand the state could pass a law that allows ranchers to shoot the wolves destroying their livestock, but that won’t happen with Polis in charge, if I’m right about this. I don’t know how you stop this non-sense, the liberals have more votes than the people who see the problem.

  10. Thank you for this information, Todd. I began purchasing Colorado preference points just last year. I’m wondering whether or not I should continue doing so now. Another example of the Sheeple of American voter phenomenon. Dennis Nolden’s suggestion to legislate game laws be based on scientific fact has a great deal of merit.

  11. Colorado needs to pass a law that states “only counties where these laws have a direct effect can vote for these types of laws”. The front range voters wanted this but not in their backyards and unfortunately, these voters were the ones who passed it. In counties where wolves were supposed to be reintroduced, it went down in flames.
    This is just an extended reach of the gun control left since one of the main arguments has been that hunting controls the wildlife population and we need firearms to do so (in most cases). Get rid of this argument and we are one step closer to losing this right.
    As far as CPW, they have allowed the heard populations to be reduced to tragic levels by not controlling the predator issues like bear, lion, and coyotes. Add one more predator and it’s lights out.

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