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Wyoming May Postpone Shed Season

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Game and Fish is considering postponing the May 1 shed season this year. Winter conditions in Wyoming are unlike anything we’ve seen in 30 years and big game animals are struggling. Winter has lasted a long time and most of the state has well over 100% of objectives when it comes to snowpack. Jackson is currently sitting at 119%. The annual shed hunting season around the Jackson refuge historically begins May 1st. That may change this year as we are experiencing January-like weather and we’re well into April. Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik said, “if snow conditions and animal location create an impact for wintering big game that’s already been suffering large losses this winter, postponing the 2023 shed antler hunt would be a serious consideration.” 

So there you have it, it is a possibility but we are still a month out. With snow forecasted in much of the West currently, the wrath of old man winter is holding on strong. Temperatures in much of Wyoming are forecasted to be in the 50s and 60s next week so perhaps we are finally headed in the right direction. As long as it doesn’t get too warm too fast we won’t have too much of a problem with flooding in the coming weeks, we hope. 

As for those antlers? Well, I’m thinking more animals surviving winter and late-spring to create little ones is more important. How bout you? 

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  1. Jonathan Rahlf

    That is a no-brainer leave the animals alone

  2. No brainer

    But there will be plenty of locals crying to high heaven how unfair it is if they can’t go get their precious sheds

  3. Heck, Id delay it till june 1 for the animals! Peoples greed for cash does not outweigh the value of the animals that drop the antlers. WE OWE IT TO THEM WE ARE THEIE STEWARDS! Swallow your pride and STOP the GREED!

  4. To all the locals out there in WY,,, riddle me this? whatcha gunna go and bitch about when there are no bucks or bulls to drop the sheds! Leave them the hell alone! Ask yourself this? What’s more valuable, elk N deer in the mountains or cash in your pocket from scrounging sheds? Simple answer here! The damn antlers will still be there in late may or june if y’all greedy pickerz just leave ’em alone!

  5. Close it permanently in all Western states. It’s not needed and a nuisance any way!

  6. I am a Wyoming resident and I couldn’t agree more – cancel she’d season all together. Health of the wildlife is INFINITELY more important.

    I couldn’t care less about sheds…

  7. There is absolutely no scientific benefit to the animals or any logical reason to allow an organized shed antler hunt in any State in the first place. The welfare of the animals should take precedence and be of the highest priority every year. Shut down antler grabs for good. Not a single negative issue will result from a permanent halt on a completely unnecessary event other than the selfish tantrums of a few cry babies, and that reaction is not a negative outcome anyway. .

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