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Husky Killed For Mauling Deer

“He told us he was unable to get his dog to come back to him. He appeared very upset and stated he didn’t know why his dog would do something like this.” A Jackson, Wyoming man lost control of his pet Husky early this week and the dog severely mauled …

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Forest Service Guns Down “Feral” Cattle

Forest Service Guns Down “Feral” Cattle – Todd Helms Aerial gunning of roughly 200 “feral cattle” in New Mexico’s Gila National Forest is set to begin today amid concern and opposition from the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association and others. The announcement of this plan was made by the Forest …

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Utah Shed Hunting Closed… It’s About Time!

Utah recently closed down all shed antler hunting through April 30. The only question rattling around in my largely empty skull is, “What took so long?”  Ungulate populations across southern Wyoming and northern Utah and Colorado are severely struggling this winter. I just passed through the Park City to SLC …

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Public Comment On MT Grizzly Plan

The anti-hunters are more organized and vocal than we are!  It’s time to voice your opinion on Montana’s Grizzly Bear Management Plan and a limited quota grizzly bear hunt.   Leave your comments HERE. Groups like the Greater Yellowstone Coalition have put together pages with this same link but with the …

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Covid Altering Bear Behavior?

Before you roll your eyes and keep scrolling, let me explain. . . I don’t mean that Covid 19 has directly affected bear behavior via infection, I’m talking about the effects Covid had on outdoor recreation and the ripple effect all those extra people in the woods and mountains had …

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