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Prohibit Hunting Bobcat, Lynx and Mountain Lion in Colorado

SB22-031 Prohibit Hunting Bobcat, Lynx and Mountain Lion in Colorado – Dave Shaffer

So, it looks like the Anti’s are at it again here in Colorado.

Bill SB22-031 has been introduced into the Colorado General Assembly which would prohibit hunting bobcat, lynx (already protected) and mountain lions here in Colorado.  It provides exceptions such as: unless immediately necessary to protect an individual from bodily harm, protecting livestock, etc.  Violation is punishable by a fine of $500-$2,000 or up to one year in jail and suspending the person’s hunting license for up to 5 years, among other things. Here’s the link:  https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb22-031

You may recall that back in 1992, the Colorado Black Bear Hunting Restriction Initiative (Initiative 10), was approved prohibiting black bear hunting using bait or dogs and between March 1 and September 1. 

Then in 2020, Proposition 114, a ballot initiative was passed directing the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to develop a plan to introduce gray wolves into Colorado, getting “paws on the ground” by 2023.  And just last month according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) news release, https://cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/News-Release-Details.aspx?NewsID=8030  CPW wildlife officers confirmed a wolf depredation incident has occurred on a domestic calf in North Park, near Walden Colorado.  

What does all of this have in common?  Mountain lions, black bears, and wolves are all predators which can and do have an impact on Colorado’s elk and deer populations.  I’ve been speaking with Colorado Parks & Wildlife Managers and Biologists across the state, and they report that combined with drought, predation is already negatively affecting elk and deer populations in some areas. The primary issue is the impact of these predators on calf/fawn recruitment (surviving and integrating with the population).  These negative effects will only intensify if/when we stop hunting lions and wolf introduction begins.  And what about grizzlies which may (eventually will) move south into Colorado and take their place as Apex predators as well?

All of this will eventually reduce herd sizes in Colorado which will result in fewer licenses being issued. And perhaps replacing hunters with “natural” predators to balance the herds is the Anti’s intent. Whether or not you agree with that approach is up to you. But what happens when unchecked (unhunted & unafraid of human) mountain lions, wolves and grizzlies begin attacking those same Anti’s when they’re out for a Saturday afternoon hike in the mountains.  What then?

Please contact Colorado’s legislators and voice a dissenting opinion on this one before it’s too late! 

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  1. Getting just as bad as CA

    • Californians have been heavily moving to Colorado for at least two decades, bringing their politics with them. They have a pretty good start.

  2. You have to wonder how much of that big head they have is void of much of a brain, but then again much of these same people elected the leader we now have to endure, I know it was because of all this free stuff he promised. When you take the time and look around and see what is going on, it is just crazy…..

    • No they know exactly what they are doing. They want to end hunting, ending the need for Americans to defend themselves if needed with a gun. All they want to do is take your guns away and leave it all up to the government to protect you.

  3. CRAZY!! Left wing politics in motion, the new CA,.what more can you say?

  4. Michael Gilliam

    There’s a :LOT of Ranchers that are going to be losing a LOT of livestock. Heck we may even start seeing a lot of injuries to skiers, hikers and campers.

  5. This is what to expect when we as hunters and protectors of our livestock have to deal with sport hunting
    Remember we were given the right by The almighty to protect and preserve what he has given us for food and if trophy hunting is involved we gave up that right and are now dealing with the outcome
    We can blame ourselves for this we have been silent!
    We loose livestock and sometimes people to the predators out there humans and animals but if we are looking at the issue logically we find that that’s nature’s plan and it’s is a lot different than ours
    And when we put ourselves in the middle no one wins
    I have lost sheep and cattle to predators but I understand that this is a part of life and to take a life for a life isn’t the way
    So if trophy hunting is the issue then I agree and I don’t have a problem with banning that just don’t tread on me
    Life is hard as we all know if we have an over predatius animal we need to deal with that animal not all of them
    but sport hunting is a different thing.!!!!
    We were given the animals as gifts from God and should do all we can to preserve them.!!!

    • Leave the Wildlife management to the State agency that is most qualified to do the job. These State Legislators that introduced this bill, have absolutely no common sense or knowledge of the ramifications of a ban on the animals.
      Biology by Legislators or Ballot Box is a lose-lose management practice.

    • Drop the act “Randy”. You’re no hunter, or rancher. Sounds like talking points from the peta website. You decry “Sport Hunting”? What does that even mean? Theodore Roosevelt Was a “sport hunter”. He established the national park system. Hunters were the first conservationists. We remain the ones that supply the means to protect and conserve all wild animals through our tax dollars and money spent on license fees and tags, not just game animals. Useful idiots like yourself are the destructors of wildlife and nature because you sit on your high horse using emotions developed in your childhood while watching Bambi. You have no clue how successful game management works nor do you care. Us “sport hunters” love nature and animals more than you ever will. We spend our time there being one with nature while you look at pictures on your phone while taking another hit. Predators must be managed just like any other game animal, if not that will end with the destruction of the game animals, and in turn with the destruction of the predators, but you know that, it’s your ultimate intention.

    • Randy must be a PETA troll. Randy Hunter’s are and always will be the best stewards of fish and game we put our money where our mouth is and our time out in the field. Letting predators go unchecked is ludicracy and bad wildlife Management.

  6. As of today, three of the sponsors of HB 22-031 have taken their names off of the bill. Lots of pressure from sportsmen and hunting/conservation organizations. BUT, If the bill does not move forward and out of the Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee and for a final Legislative vote, do not be surprised when the Mt. lion and bob cat issue will show up as a State Ballot Initiative in the future, as did the wolf issue.

  7. I’m reading this shaking my head I’ve seen what the predators have done here in CA it’s sad to see so much of our land already burning up every year and with the new wolf population we are seeing deer and what little elk we have dwindle. I’ve never shot a bear until this year because they are everywhere and there a problem since dogs have been prohibited for bear. I’m sorry for any outdoorsmen in Colorado. This Law will turn your state into one of the richest elk hunting states into a lucky to draw a tag every 20 years kind of state. Sad to see things go like this.

  8. The ignorance that comes along with the feelings and emotions activists is going to really screw up the eco. It is all about their feelings and not tbe facts. It is common sense too much of a good thing always ends up wreaking havoc, kinda like what you see in today’s government. There must be balance. No bait, no chase in my ignorant state, but they can be hunted and trapped. Wolves are protected though and that good thing is wreaking havoc on our elk and moose herds. Destroying tgem actually. Vote for those that do not follow those often misguided intentions. To hear “when looking back” we maybe shouldn’t have built all those dams sorry about your salmon and steelhead with cool clean waters. There are 1000s if these what ifs that can be brought up. I’m saying a study of some sort before moving the mountain. The knee jerk changes because of some activists thoughts and opinions is absolutely ridiculous for any party involved. Facts and data not feelings and emotions. Then some sample study in a little portion of the state. Fight fight fight or once it is gone almost impossible to get back.

  9. As much as I hate the cancel culture the only way to get these liberals to see the value of hunting not only to our culture but to the State’s ability to fund projects that benefit all wildlife as well as everyone that use public lands for recreation is to take our hunting dollars away! And the only way that will work is if ALL sectors of the “hunting community “ come together and stand up for predator hunting, know this, it is predators this year and they’re coming for your hunt next. For too long the different groups of sportsman have not only failed to stand with their brothers and sisters but have actually sided against a group they thought might negatively effect their chosen hunt. If this continues we will all lose what we love. If God forbid this would pass ALL sportsman from CO as well as all over the country have to make a sacrifice and take our dollars out of CO this includes license / application fees, ammo, hunting gear, etc…Yes in the short term this will hurt good people unfortunately the only vote that counts in this country is the almighty dollar. Talking to state legislators sounds like a good idea but remember they only listen to the group with the most money sadly.

  10. Wow Berry I guess you told me! Hope it makes you feel better.
    let’s get some facts ironed out you do not know me or how I make a living or how I put food on the family table. And to assume you do is just that assumption.
    I should not have used the word sport hunting my bad.and I apologize to all who were offered

    I believe PETA stands for people eating tasty animals!
    And I have a freezer half full

    I have never hunted bob cat, lynx or mountain lion because we eat what we harvest.
    What do you do with them after the kill.
    I believe wildlife management will monitor the populations and take appointments actions

    My dislike for trophy hunting on public lands comes from the waist of the animal just to have a mounted trophy.

    You are correct our license and tag fees do help support wildlife management and conservation efforts however with the dwindling population of hunters over the last generation there isn’t enough funding to cover the cost so prices are going up..
    I believe there are plenty of opportunity’s to trophy hunt on managed private land with guides and nothing goes to waste
    I know not everyone will agree with me and my views and that’s ok I won’t call you names just because we differ in opinions

    • You’re an idiot, it’s against the law to waste game meat in most of the western states Colorado included. These same laws apply to “trophy hunting” as well , wether on public or private land. Mountain lion was reclassified back in the 90’s to a game animal in Colorado. This was done to appease the anti crowd , so was the beat hunting changes, the anti’s will keep chipping away until there’s nothing left. So once again you sir are an idiot.

    • What “dwindling population of hunters”? I can’t even draw a license in 7 western states that I have been applying in for 14-18 years. I can’t draw a damn moose tag in Colorado that I’ve been applying for for 24 years now. You can’t hardly find a place to hunt in Colorado anymore that isn’t run over by hunters, especially nonresidents. There’s TOO MANY HUNTERS.

  11. I live in a small town of Big Bar in norther CA they put this up for a vote and all they people in LA voted for the same thin now up here we are over run with cats killed three of my dogs three neiboirs cats and three other dogs in the area piss me off

  12. Update….

    2/3/22 Colorado State Capitol @ 12
    wear your camouflage/orange
    Stop the fight against Wildlife Management


  13. “before it’s too late”? It’s already too late. In Colorado you have a CPW that’s more interested in what the public thinks than what’s good for wildlife and hunters. They said nothing about the bear hunting issue, nothing about the wolf issue that I saw, and they will sit by idly while they push this cat hunting issue through too. CPW is infiltrated by a bunch of anti-hunters and animal rights nutcases imo. Colorado is spiraling downward, and I’m outta here in a year or so.

  14. Just read that the bill died in the legislature primarily due to a lack of data (ie. none). It was a knee jersey reaction by an ignorant politician. UT don’t worry, she has learned and she’ll be back

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