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Idaho Calf & Fawn Survival Update

Currently IDFG is tracking 182 mule deer fawns and 149 elk calves throughout winter and early spring. These youngsters were captured in the fall/early winter and fitted with tracking collars. Which will allow biologists to follow their what, where, when and how, in regards to mortality rates for these two …

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Attacked by a Coyote

You might have a similar reaction to mine, a soft chuckle and… come-on, really, a coyote? I visited my cousin a few weeks back, as we walked the property behind their house she mentioned the coyotes being aggressive, running towards them barking, acting aggressive when they ride horses through, etc. …

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Idaho’s Wolf Management Plan Racist?

“Idaho is continuing in the tradition of the white supremacists and eugenicists who were the patriarchs of how the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is still applied, foremost amongst them being Madison Grant, the author of The Passing of the Great Race, justifiably called ‘the Bible of scientific racism,’” …

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Top 5 Idaho Elk Hunts

 As we draw near the end of application season many states already have results out and only a couple places are still open for applications, you guessed it, Idaho is one of them. Idaho OTC hunts have become all but extinct (at least for a post draw season opportunity) thus, …

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Lighted Nocks and Expandables in Idaho?

Do politics belong in wildlife management? Yes, you read that correctly but this blog is about lighted nocks and expandable broadheads. Or is it?  If you have been following the trends most hunters know that states around the country have widely accepted the advancement of hunting technology with a few …

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Is Poaching Worth It?

We have all been privy to a poacher or otherwise unethical individual that continues to push moral boundaries and cross legal lines just enough to make you cringe or sometimes flat out turn them in for their dastardly deeds. Oftentimes it is someone that grew up shooting deer whenever and …

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