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Locating Spring Black Bears

To hunt spot and stalk spring black bears, first a hunter needs to locate a bear! Bowhunter Dan Pickar shares his strategy for locating black bears during the spring bear hunting season. #eastmans Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/EastmansHuntingJournals EASTMANS’ BOWHUNTING JOURNAL: http://bit.ly/Eastmans

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Wyoming Grizzly Bear Hunt Shutdown

  ***Update*** The hunt has been delayed even longer by the same Judge Dana Christensen. More time is needed to make a decision based on the research presented to him. Last-Minute Dictate from Montana Just when the historic Wyoming grizzly hunt was set to finally happen, on August 31, the …

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Double Down: Bear Attacks!

Two people are lucky to be alive after being mauled by grizzly bears. The separate instances occurred less than a week apart in south central Montana. Both had a similar set of circumstances, where the victims startled bears who were feeding on carcasses. Montana FWP reported the first incident on …

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