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Wyoming Grizzly Bear Hunt Shutdown

  ***Update*** The hunt has been delayed even longer by the same Judge Dana Christensen. More time is needed to make a decision based on the research presented to him. Last-Minute Dictate from Montana Just when the historic Wyoming grizzly hunt was set to finally happen, on August 31, the …

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Double Down: Bear Attacks!

Two people are lucky to be alive after being mauled by grizzly bears. The separate instances occurred less than a week apart in south central Montana. Both had a similar set of circumstances, where the victims startled bears who were feeding on carcasses. Montana FWP reported the first incident on …

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61 Inch Bull Moose Hunt

Hunting a moose with antlers as wide as the dining room table is on just about every hunter’s bucket list! In the April/May issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal Gary English tells the story of filling his moose tag in Alaska on a hunt that most of us have only dreamed …

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Sheep Hunters Are Romantics

  Imagine stepping back in time. Put down your coffee, turn off the smart phone and completely remove yourself from everything you know. Now take all that familiar urban background noise and mute it. When we are free from all of our niceties and creature comforts, we as humans still …

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