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Portland, Thank You

Well Uncle Perry and I made it home safe and sound. In fact we didn’t even encounter any weather, first time in five years. We drove all night Sunday and made it home on Monday. I just wanted to thank all of you that stopped by the booth to subscribe, …

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The Bruin That Got Away

Well folks, the Fat Lady sang on the evening of June 15 – spring bear season is done. The old bruin – that giant of a black bear boar I’ve been telling you about – won the match this time around. Up here you can’t bait black bear because of …

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Holy Grizzly!

Holy grizzlies! The old boy, the big grizzly boar that had visited us earlier, came back this evening as it was snowing. He walked through my yard, then turned and headed down the road, crossing the creek. I got photos of him walking past and crossing the creek. The bruin, …

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An Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday I went up and broke through to the bear country above the house. Grizzly bears are plentiful in the country around my place, but it’s not yet legal to hunt grizzlies in Wyoming. Even so, I know of at least one huge black bear boar that has also been …

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A Wyoming Buck

Mike, I know you see lots of pics, but hope you will enjoy this. I asked you about outfitters a while back and decided to stick with Trefrens. We got in at the beginning of the storm and the animals were moving. I took this buck on eighth of October …

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Response to Mike’s North Dakota Lectures

A letter from Darrin, an attendee of Mike’s North Dakota Lectures. Thank you so much for coming to Grand Forks. Those I spoke to were very impressed with your lecture. This was absolutely great information that I could have listened to for several more hours. Eastmans’ is first class in …

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