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Grizzly Eating on a Elk

This afternoon my wife came busting thru the door. A grizzly was down the way eating on a deer or elk. So I went down and took a few photos of the sow. I think she is a young 4 years old. Saw her cub in the timber. She didn’t …

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Moon Phases and Cold Fronts

Here we go again!!! Sitting in my office watching the computer screen on Weather.com anxiously waiting for the go ahead to hit the hills after big Wyoming bulls. It’s just unfortunate that the full moon this year falls right on the 13th of September. I’ve learned this lesson before. I …

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Fall Is Here..Who’s Ready?

I figured that before fall gets crazy, I’d get back on the ‘ol blog and check in with you guys. It’s horribly cliché to say this, but where does the time go? It seems like just last week that I was blogging about show season and as I sit down …

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Has your identity been poached?

These days with cell phones taking the place of laptops and laptops taking the place of tower computers – not to mention tablets and MP3 players – it’s safe to say technology is moving much faster than anyone thought it would. You can be driving down the highway at 75 …

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The Icebreaker

I finally found what I have been searching for the past two years for. I just wish it was made by a hunting company. But there is hope…more on that later. As a firm believer in wool base layers I have been searching high and low for a good high …

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169 Inches of snow!

We had 26 inches of snow hit use from Saturday thru this Friday with 169 inches of the flakes hitting the ground so far this winter! Winter! Its spring isn’t it? Went sledding to Cook City and run into big wolf track just above my house. He meet up with …

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