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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Utah State University researcher Julie Young, who leads the USDA’s Predator Ecology and Behavior Project in Utah, is working on a fencing research project in the hopes of coming up with best practices for predator fencing to protect livestock from apex predators. According to this report, Young’s goal is to …

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CWD Vaccination in Elk

Recent news from a state game & fish agency shows the continued focus and research on the nefarious Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Researchers from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, in partnership with University of Alberta, are potentially making headway on a vaccination for CWD.  While vaccinations for protein-based diseases …

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OnX Exaggerated 3D Maps

This Eastmans’ review features the new 3D Elevation Exaggeration tool inside the onX hunt desktop platform. It’s a powerful new tool that will make e-scouting even easier, especially in terrain with subtle elevation features. Brandon Mason breaks down how he uses the tool to his advantage on specific hunts.

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Ozonics HR500 – One Touch Scent Elimination!

The new Ozonics HR500 ozone generator makes scent elimination easier than ever before. In this review, Brandon Mason and Dan Pickar share their hunting experiences using Ozonics.  This new design is 40% quieter while destroying as much scent as previous models. Minimize your movement even more by using Ozonics’ new app or handheld remote …

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