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Bringing Home Extra Bacon

What’s more fun than harvesting two animals in one trip? Dan Pickar practices his sharp-shooting with his bow in Hawaii and gets dealt a nice surprise when he’s ready to release his arrow. Click on the link to watch the kill! Would you be happy bringing home a little extra bacon? …

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Guess the B&C Score : Round 3

It’s been a good couple of rounds for the Guess the Score giveaway contest. Last round we had quite a few close guesses, but one was almost right on! Here is a whitetail buck from the Eastmans’ Deer Tour for Round 3. The first one to guess correctly will win! …

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Montana Corrections and Updates

For those interested in Montana Mountain Goat and are referring to the MRS for their application strategy there have been some minor corrections made. In keeping with providing you with the most accurate and up to date information possible, we’ve corrected the minor issues with the Montana Mountain Goat Table …

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Zeiss Optics Cleaning Kits

Years ago Mike Eastman made the case in Hunting High Country Mule Deer for buying the best optics you can afford and it made sense. You can’t hunt what you can’t see! Most of us are very protective of the high end glass that we saved, sacrificed and then spent …

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Guess the Score Gear Giveaway

This is the first buck of the Eastmans’ Guess the Score Giveaway contest. Followers are welcome to submit their guess for the current mule deer’s Boone & Crockett score in the form below for a chance to win the most recent MRS Annual signed by the Eastmans, an Eastmans’ hat …

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Is Common Sense Dead?

Every person has a point where they just shake their head in disbelief because no sense can be made of a situation no matter how it’s spun. Case in point is the Rocky Mountain goat at Dinosaur National Monument (“DNM”). Typically when you hear about a story that just doesn’t …

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