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BRAND NEW: Sig Sauer 6K Rangefinding Binos

This review features the brand new 6K rangefinding binoculars by @SIG SAUER, Inc. These feature packed binoculars are more compact and lightweight than ever! Eastmans’ bowhunter Dan Pickar breaks down all the features of the 6K and compares them to Sig Sauer’s 10K and Kilo3000 models.  

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Disaster in the West

As most of you heard by now we have had a wet late spring and early summer in much of Wyoming and Montana. And when I say wet it has been wet, I mean to that of disastrous proportions. Montana has been affected the most as excess water from rains …

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Man Sentenced for Buying Bear Parts

Here’s an interesting case you don’t see too often. Yan Fong of Pocatello, Idaho was sentenced to 10 years with the Montana Department of Corrections with all but 100 days suspended and was fined $25,000. He also lost his hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges in Montana and 46 other states …

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I Got a Refund and an Elk Tag!

Another Montana application season in the books with no successful draws to mention. To my surprise, I received a General Elk license in the mail yesterday along with a refund in another envelope! This had me scratching my head as logged in to MyFWP once again to check my drawing …

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Montana: Moose/Sheep/Goat Update

With the Montana Moose, Sheep, Goat deadline fast approaching I want to take a look at the status of each species over the past 10 years and what the strong and weak points are now for 2022.  Let’s start with moose. They have been proven to be a relatively fragile …

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