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Grizzly Bears Test Positive for Avian Flu

Three juvenile grizzly bears have tested positive for avian flu this fall according to Montana FWP. The bears displayed a high amount of disorientation, partial blindness and appeared to be in poor bodily condition. Two were in the Augusta area and the other was near Kalispell. The bears were euthanized …

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Do you Share your Wild Game?

Recently the Wild Harvest Initiative released results of a Wyoming Wild Meat Sharing survey. Yep you heard that right, a survey on how many people share their fall bounty with family and friends. Some may find a survey like this pointless but I do find it quite interesting!  Out of …

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Utah to Overhaul Elk Management Plan

The current elk management plan was approved in Utah in 2015. The plan was updated in 2020 and is set to expire at the end of 2022. Things have changed drastically in the demand for hunting licenses in the state of Utah since 2015. “The demand for elk hunting in …

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More Elk Racks Stolen

If you’re on social media you probably have seen posts the last couple weeks of elk heads being stolen out of the back of trucks at hotels and out of backyards while being boiled for a European mount. There are a lot of “dirtbags” out there and elk antlers, especially …

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