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Wolf Populations in Montana

FWP released data from 2021 which concludes that wolf populations in Montana are stable at about 1,141. This has been the case since 2017, where populations have been stable or slightly up on any given year since then. Harvest was good in 2021 but the amount of trappers in the …

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Utah Proposes License Fee Increase Due To Inflation

Utah has proposed an increase in their license fees across the board for residents and non-residents due to inflation. The DWR is currently 92% self-funded and since prices have increased dramatically for fuel, materials, goods and services the department has no choice but to raise prices. The proposed cost hike …

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BRAND NEW: Sig Sauer 6K Rangefinding Binos

This review features the brand new 6K rangefinding binoculars by @SIG SAUER, Inc. These feature packed binoculars are more compact and lightweight than ever! Eastmans’ bowhunter Dan Pickar breaks down all the features of the 6K and compares them to Sig Sauer’s 10K and Kilo3000 models.  

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