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Corner Hoppers Face Civil Suit

It appears that the Elk Mountain, Wyoming corner-hopping case has taken yet another turn as it heads toward the April 14th court date. The owner of the Elk Mountain Ranch has now filed a civil suit which potentially comes with a fresh criminal charge. The new civil suit declares that …

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Wyoming Corner Hopping Turns Into Hunter Harassment?

The Carbon County, Wyoming corner hopping saga involving four Missouri hunters and the Elk Mountain Ranch continues to evolve as claims of hunter harassment are now being brought into play.  “Ranch employees spied on them to the point they couldn’t relieve themselves in private, stalked the group, harassed them in …

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Hunters Win Big In Colorado!

  Colorado sportsmen and women have banded together to soundly defeat BS… I mean, SB22-031 the bill that would have prohibited the hunting and trapping of cougar, bobcat and lynx(already illegal), in Colorado.  The bill died in committee with a 4-1 vote. Committee members clearly noted the number of phone …

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Corner-Hopping Defendants Move For Dismissal

If you’ve hunted the West much, particularly Wyoming, you’ll understand the complexity surrounding public access through private lands, corner-hopping and the tenuous relationship between private landowners and public land recreationists like hunters. Also, if you’ve been paying attention to this never-ending saga you’ll have noticed that last fall a group …

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Corner Crossing Conundrum In Wyoming

Corner crossing is one of the most controversial topics out there right now. Let’s define corner crossing as it pertains to this conversation before we go any further. Corner crossing is simply where two pieces of public land share a corner and someone from the public steps from one section …

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