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Elk Hunt Prep: Part 2

With summer in its final stages in Nashville, the heat and humidity of the south hits hard when taking that first step outside.  Being an early riser, I like to take full advantage of waking up before the kids and enjoying the solitude and comfortable temperatures while getting my workout …

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Primos Timberline Elk Call

The Primos Timberline elk call is a well constructed cow call with a classy look. The hardwood barrel gives you pure sounding elk calls, from a lost calf to cow mews. The closed reed style keeps your reed clean and calls quiet for close-in sweet talk. This call is very …

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The Yeti 18 oz Bottle Review

It’s kind of a well known fact around the office and among my friends that I don’t give my hunting gear a life of ease! I have managed to break the seemingly unbreakable and test warranties of equipment for as long as I can remember. Enter the Yeti Rambler series, …

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Idaho’s Top Elk Units!

Want more MRS content? SUBSCRIBE HERE! The Idaho elk population is in a good position entering the 2017 season. The winter was a hard one, but elk are hardy. The elk winter kill was not substantial. None of the limited entry hunts saw notable tag allocation declines, and some were …

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350 Inch Bull Elk Hunt!

Bowhunter Ty Martin takes to the hills of Montana to arrow a trophy bull elk in a limited-quota hunting unit with his sights set on harvesting the trophy of a lifetime. After several close encounters with mature bulls that any hunter would be proud of, Martin closes the deal on …

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