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Idaho’s Top Elk Units – 2019 Edition!

Top LE Elk hunts

Elk hunting is a pursuit that many hunters hold sacred in their annual lineup of fall adventures, and limited entry elk hunting is a whole level up from OTC. Many apply and few are chosen, yet year after year, with odds mounting against us we apply anyway and when the scales tip in our favor all other hunts fade into the background and our priority has been set. Elk and Idaho go hand in hand. We see amazing populations in many units, marginal trophy quality when compared to B&C standards but overall reasonable drawing odds for a truly unique hunt choice. If you are after a solid bull on a hunt with lots of elk to look over, then look no further, Idaho has a bunch of those, and a few with solid trophy quality as well. Below is a list of a few top hunt choices. For more detailed information on these hunts and more be sure to subscribe to our Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals! Information like this and much more is all at your fingertips with hardcopy or digital additions! Eastmans.com or call us at 1-800-842-6887 for more information.

Top Any-weapon Units

Unit 30-1 – This unit is solid across the board, nothing to get excited about for trophy potential, but harvest odds and the reality of harvesting a mature bull if you draw are very good. Access is excellent, terrain is moderate to rough depending on where your travels take you. For a fun hunt with the possibility of a 300-class bull or slightly better, this is a great hunt choice.

Unit 31 – lacking slightly on the access panel, this hunt choice is a bit rough but still far from extreme. Trophy potential is standard for Idaho and harvest odds are great. Definitely a noteworthy choice.

Unit 36A-2 – This is a small unit comprised of mid-level foothill country. Terrain is pretty open, offering great glassing. There are a few roads that run through this unit and not a lot of places to get back and away from it all, 95% public land, some of the best draw odds for limited entry Idaho, and harvest stats to back it up, definitely a chart topper for a reason.

Unit 40-1 is probably one of the best for bigger bulls. With a season running in late September and into early October this is a rifle rut hunt and that is a unique opportunity. These elk herds are not bursting from the seams, but when you find bulls you are likely to see a shooter. There are only 5 permits allocated, thus nonresident permits are not likely, however, IDFG will allocate a single permit here on rotation, so keep an eye out! The terrain is varied, some areas are pretty rugged and others are medium but either way you are likely to put some miles in and be prepared for a rugged pack out. High public land and good access make this hunt choice excellent. Draw odds reflect this and are slim at best.

Top Muzzleloader Units

Units 46-1, 54 and 30A are all strong contenders. For the nonresident applicant, 30A is a solid choice. Six-point harvest is lower, but overall drawing odds and harvest odds are favorable. Muzzleloader allocations are low across the board thus nonresidents won’t see much for overall opportunity. Nonetheless, Units like 54 and 46-1 are worth it if you are willing to play the game and wait it out.

Unit 50-1 is newer to the lineup but appears to be shaping up quite nicely. This hunt is late, winter season will likely affect the results of this hunt. Draw odds are excellent, and harvest odds are very reasonable considering the weapon type. Rough terrain should help with stalking for close shots. Weather is definitely a consideration for hunts this late in the year. Either way this area is worth taking as second look.

Top Archery Units

Units 40-1, 41-1 and 46-1 are all great choices for the bow hunter. Excellent terrain for spot and stalk, reasonable spotting and great odds for harvesting a mature 6-point bull. Hunt dates are weather permitting should offer solid rut activity. There is a substantial amount of wilderness area in these units, something to consider for access.

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