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Too Late! Wolves Already In Colorado

An interesting twist in the saga of western wolves has just taken place in Colorado. As most of you already know there has been a push to reintroduce wolves into the state for over a year and it looks as though the groups clamouring for this disaster to happen did …

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Successful Bowhunters: Matt Jones

Guest Author: Matt Jones Matt went in for the final stalk alone as his mom and I watched from a spot nearby.  It seemed like forever as he worked within 30 yards of the feeding buck, but finally he raised his rangefinder and slowly transitioned to his bow and came …

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Successful Bowhunters: Brevin Brook

Guest Author: Brevin Brook Slowly closing the distance, the big bull is headed straight for me. Because of the angle, I didn’t have a frontal shot. So, I had to wait until this bull was probably a yard and a half. The whole time, I was wondering if he was …

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Successful Bowhunters: Battleborn Wildlife

Guest Author: Battleborn Wildlife I let my arrow fly and heard it connect with the tank. He jumped and stood perfectly still. Sherman had no idea what had just happened. The arrow made a clean pass through that connected with lungs. The perfectly–placed shot had left Sherman wobbling. Not wanting …

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Day Saver

Guest Author: BRANDON STUART As I ran up to my wife, Sharla, she was crying and telling me she had just, “ruined the hunt.”  I told her, “Babe, you just saved the day!”  It had been 11 hours since I had first hit the bull, and we were back in the …

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Guest Author: ALEX MILLWARD Ding, ding, ding…. At 3 am, an alarm wasn’t necessarily what I was wanting to hear. At that moment, the internal debate began. You’ve already hunted pretty hard this season, you’re sick and you have to be to work at 9; is it really worth it? Followed …

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Successful Bowhunters: Thomas Austin

Guest Author: Thomas Austin As the bull’s body was no longer obscured by the grass I quickly judged the distance and chose a pin I drew back my bow and settled in on his vitals as he continued to walk towards to calls of my hunting partner as he reached …

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Successful Bowhunters: Alex Kurz

Guest Author: Alex Kurz Ryan and I whispered to one another as the bull walked in, “This is gonna happen”.  As the bull crested the final null where we knew Alex could see him, time stood still.  The bull took a few final steps toward the spring, and put his …

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