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Grizzly Mauls Shed-Hunter

Well, Wyoming grizzlies didn’t waste any time this year making their presence felt. Unfortunately, it came in the form of a mauling. Wyoming resident Spencer Smith was hunting shed antlers in northwest Wyoming on May 1st when he came face to face with a large grizzly who didn’t take kindly …

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COVID 19 Western States Update

Season postponements, closures, restrictions on non-residents, yup, the times they are a changin’. This spring has been one for the history books for sure and if you’re like me seeing it in the rearview mirror will be a welcome sight. That said, as much as I hate to even type …

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  As the Coronavirus “Pandemic” continues to impact our lives more and more states are closing spring hunting seasons to non-residents. This move was addressed in a previous blog post by Guy Eastman as he made some predictions about fall hunting seasons. While we here at Eastmans’ don’t think that …

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Arizona Wolves On The Rise

It seems this topic gets very little attention and I must admit that I don’t know much about the actual impact the wolves are having on game animals in Arizona and New Mexico. That said, I’d love to hear your opinions on this wolf recovery program and the effects it …

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Vortex Razor HD HRT Review

Hunter Todd Helms reviews the brand new all-in-one hunting rifle cope from Vortex Optics. The Razor HD LHT is a lightweight all-in-one scope. This features an HD optical and APO systems for a crystal clear sight picture in a light conditions. The elevation turret has a zero stop so you …

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Rifle Review Snowy Mountain Rifles

In this hunting rifle review Todd Helms pulls the Alpine Hunter rifle out of the box and is smacking steel at 1000 yards with only seven shots! The Alpine Hunter built by Snowy Mountain Rifles is a premium rifle with plenty of options to upgrade. The Alpine Hunter is guaranteed …

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