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Drones For Big Game Hunting?

Imagine sitting atop a favorite glassing point and scouting for elk the old fashioned way when you hear a mechanical whirring noise and look up to witness an “unmanned aerial vehicle”, drone, buzzing over the landscape as its operator “scouts” from afar. 

Not cool! 

Currently Wyoming law is a tad ambiguous on the use of drones for scouting big game but a clarification is in the works to ensure that your honey hole won’t be defiled by drones remotely scouting, aka, harassing both wildlife and hunters.

“Aerial scouting and the use of aircraft to hunt or harass game animals is already illegal in Wyoming; a draft Wyoming House bill would add a paragraph of clarifying language. The paragraph includes the wording “unmanned aerial vehicles”.”

If you’re sensing some animosity from my stance on drones you’re picking up what I’m laying down… I despise them, for “hunting” anyway. I agree they can be a useful tool and when used with discretion, fun to boot. However, they have zero place in scouting/hunting before a shot is fired. Can they be used to help hunters find downed game or capture cool camera angles for a video production? Absolutely, but they have no place on any hunt for any other purpose. 

I may sound curmudgeonly here, so be it. Lines have to be drawn someplace and scouting with drones is a no go zone for me. 

Change my mind…  

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  1. I agree 100 percent. I have hard enough time getting to my hunting spot just to have some one else look from above and they be back at there vehicle. Nope.

  2. ZERO tolerance for uav’s in any element regarding hunting or scouting. Every state should BAN their use for such as some states have already done.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, they have their place but that’s not scouting or hunting with them.

  4. Christopher Francis

    I agree. That’s a puxxy way to hunt. And I like my alone time in the woods. I dang sure don’t want to be surveilled while I’m enjoying my alone time with nature. So, ixnay on the onedray!

  5. If hunting with a shotgun using slugs, or have one handy, hope you have some 12 gauge double ought to greet the airborne intruder. Am I suggesting shooting drones in hunting areas down? You bet I am.

  6. Agreed. I’m not against new and improved technology, but there is a balance, and this crosses the line. No way drones should be allowed. Taken to the extreme, why not just put guns on a drone, and shoot big game from your camper while sipping coffee?

  7. They have no place in the hunting area period, including finding lost or wounded game or downed game as you say. Other hunters are still hunting and using drones should be considered game harassment.

  8. Gerald Brunckhorst

    I’m in complete agreement with no drones period. Give an inch and someone will take ten miles. I can see hunters without ethics saying “ Oh not to worry, I’m simply looking for that little i shot this morning” when I’m reality there was no shooting.

    • Gerald Brunckhorst

      Darn spell check always screwing with my words. What I wanted to say was “Oh not to worry, I’m simply looking for that elk I shot this morning”…

      • Or say oh we’re just filming our hunt and trying to get some cool shot angles.. should be illegal in national forest or state recreational lands in hunting season period

  9. I agree no drones on any public land for the use of hunting or scouting.I also think the use of cell trail cams for killing not hunting deer is wrong if you set the cam up set at home waiting for it to go off then drive to the field and shoot the deer out the truck window bs that’s what the rich dudes do in NC lease up all the land then set in there million dollar houses waiting for the cam while drinking whiskey then drive over shoot the deer,

  10. What’s the difference between a drone and a fish finder?

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