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Elk Blood Sampling by WGFD

If you’ve ever drawn an elk tag in Wyoming, resident or non-resident you’ve probably received a small cardboard box from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department containing brucellosis sampling materials. DO NOT disregard this package and while you’re field dressing/quartering your elk this fall take a moment and fill that little vial with elk blood. You can either mail it in or drop it off at any Game and Fish office or elk blood collection site. Many times the latter will be at gas stations, look for the little signs. 

Wyoming Game and Fish relies almost exclusively on hunters to monitor the current status and spread of any possible brucellosis in our elk herds. Please do your part to help out. 

I have only failed once to participate in the sampling process when mailed a kit and it was simple forgetfulness. It is quick and easy and Wyoming will notify you of your test results if you mail your sample in. 

I nor anyone I know have ever found a brucellosis positive elk but that could all change quickly given the disease’s pestilential nature. In the end it is not something that keeps me up at night before going elk hunting or even consuming elk meat but if you’d like some food for thought Google it. I’ve also included some informative links below and the history and monitoring of the disease in Wyoming. 

Best of luck this fall and send me your success stories at editorial@eastmans.com


Source Links: 


Wgfd.wyo.gov – Brucellosis Blood Collection

wgfd.wyo.gov – Brucellosis Reports

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