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Mexican Wolf Population Doubles

PC: Jim Clark USFWS Love it or hate it, the Mexican Gray Wolf continues to grow and be a priority for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the states of Arizona and New Mexico. In a study spanning 2020 and 2021 thus far, an interagency team has accounted for …

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Technology, Hunting and Fair Chase

Guest Author: Travis Hobbs Technology. When you stop and think about it, it will blow your mind how much all of our lives have changed recently, thanks to technology. How we communicate, how we travel, work, recreate, even something as simple as me putting this to “paper” so to speak. …

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Self Defense From A Lion

GUEST AUTHOR: Jake Leonard  I want to share this story in the hopes that it may potentially save someone’s life. I want to bring awareness as this now can literally happen anywhere at any time so if my experience helps any fellow hunter, fisherman, hiker, trail runner, or anyone else in …

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YETI Roadie 24

So how do you make a great product, which has garnered acclaim and helped put your company on the map even better? Well, if you’re YETI you step back, roll the dice and completely redesign it, to the extent that the product is unrecognizable. That is exactly what YETI did …

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On December 20th an Ohio wildlife officer was shot in the line of duty while investigating three men allegedly poaching deer in Clinton County, Ohio. Officer Kevin Behr is expected to make a full recovery but the event is alarming to say the least.  Yes, Ohio is a long way …

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Gettin’ Ugly

  Guest Author / Hunter: BRAD SHURTLIFF It was late February when I received a call from a friend of mine asking if I had seen the draw results from the Salt Lake Hunt Expo. When I told him that I had not, he couldn’t hold back and exclaimed that …

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