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National Elk Refuge To Starve Elk

Photo By: Mike Eastman As I’m writing this it’s the day before Halloween and the temperature outside is hitting a high that is 23 degrees below the Fahrenheit freezing point. This is October, not January and winter’s early chokehold on Wyoming doesn’t set a welcome stage for our wildlife. With …

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Valhalla LS Zip

Valhalla – the hall where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. The past couple of seasons I’ve gotten to put the Valhalla LS Zip from Kryptek through its paces across a wide range of conditions on a variety of hunts and I …

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Lightest Weatherby Rifle Ever! The Backcountry TI

Hunter Todd Helms reviews Weatherby’s ALL NEW Backcountry T1 rifle in 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum. Packed with new features this rifle is meant for fast and light travel in the backcountry. A fluted barrel, titanium action and carbon fiber stock minimize weight. The 3DHEX recoil reducer on the stock means a …

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4 Elk Poached in Montana

Seriously Montana? Four bull elk poached and left to rot in the last week, all in one area? Well, I can’t get too upset with you because down here in Wyoming, not far from my home, we just had a bull poached, his head taken and body left to bloat …

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Cheating the System in Montana

Father/Son duo Larry and Shane Adams from Emo, Ontario Canada have been sentenced to pay $28,295 to the State of Montana as restitution for residency fraud. The pair owned a home in Miles City, MT and used the address there to swindle the legal residents of Montana out of right …

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Trigger Warning-Grizzly Safe Space?

A recent Powell Tribune article attempts to examine the reason that grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are ranging further afield from their “core area” or DMA (demographic monitoring area). Last year a sow and cubs was discovered just east of Powell, Wyoming in a farmer’s field, that’s a long …

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Another Montana Elk Poacher!

Yet another elk poaching case has come to light in Montana, this one taking place in Ravalli and Missoula counties. Both cases date back to 2017 and deal with Brady Joe Stamps killing elk illegally on private lands he did not have permission to be on, the second bull being …

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Missoula Elk Herds In Trouble?

Missoula, Montana area biologist Liz Bradley is noticing that elk herds around the suburban areas of the city have been in decline for the past three years with a total of 216 animals being lost from one of her counted herds just this Spring. This decline begs questions… is it …

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Wyoming Wildlife Crossing Funding Uncertain

When we think of wildlife crossings over or under highways most folks think in terms of saving animals from running a gauntlet of passenger cars, SUV’s, pickups and semi-trucks. However, there is more to the picture. Vehicular collisions with wildlife results in costly property damage, obvious death or severe maiming …

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