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Wyoming Gains More Hunting Ground

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t at least crack a smile when more ground is opened up for hunting. Well, anyone worth knowing anyway… relax, that was a joke. I know I openly applauded when I read about Wyoming’s recent acquisition of almost 3K acres in the Bighorn Mountains. 

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission recently approved the acquisition of the “Ellis Ranch” and the property will be managed as a WHMA (Wildlife Habitat Management Area). That means that the new property will be open to the public for hunting and fishing and that in fact is the exact intent behind the purchase. 

“Maintaining and expanding access for hunting and fishing is a top priority for Game and Fish,” Brian Nesvik, Game and Fish director, said. “This property not only provides the public with access to previously landlocked, federal land, but it also allows us to effectively manage big game in the area.” 

My family and I will definitely be taking advantage of this new opportunity in the coming year and I rejoice in the fact that my home state makes things like this a priority. For those of you who hunt and fish this area be sure to check your onX Hunt App for updated information on this new property in the coming months. 

Good luck out there and remember that what’s given to us can be taken away too… it’s vital for all hunters to be good stewards of the land at all times. 

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