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Montana’s Drawing System Change

It’s that time of year again, time for Montana elk and deer applications again. The deadline has been March 15th for many years until this year. It will be bumped back two weeks to April 1st. The good thing is that the results will be available two weeks after the …

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Wyoming Legislators Attempt To Burn Down Nonresident Hunters! Some legislators in Wyoming introduced what seemed to be a very controversial bill regarding how Wyoming allocates and prices their big game licenses and tags. Senate bill SF0094 outlined a drastic change in license pricing and allocation for the 2022 hunting season.  …

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B.C. Moose Arrowed at 14 Yards!!

Go bow hunting for moose with Dan Pickar. Moose hunting in the timber of British Columbia is a game of patience in this Eastmans’ Hunting TV episode. Dan Brooks of Crystal Lake Resorts shares his tips for locating moose and calling to bring a bull in close!

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Sportsmen Paid 120K For IDFG To Shoot Elk

That’s right, $123,241 dollars funded by sportsmen to be precise. The other 250K (roughly) for the research/project was Federally funded. Over the course of several months IDFG (Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game) tested methods for decreasing elk depredation on crop lands across southern Idaho. During this time, IDFG staff/employees …

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Learn how to get tenderloins without gutting a deer or elk in the field in this hunting tip. Hunter Brandon Mason demonstrates how to remove elk tenderloins without field dressing. The gutless method of removing tenderloins can be done on any big game animal, including deer, elk or antelope. Don’t …

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