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Sportsmen Paid 120K For IDFG To Shoot Elk

That’s right, $123,241 dollars funded by sportsmen to be precise. The other 250K (roughly) for the research/project was Federally funded. Over the course of several months IDFG (Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game) tested methods for decreasing elk depredation on crop lands across southern Idaho. During this time, IDFG staff/employees …

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Changes for 2020, Wyoming Elk

The Wyoming Game and Fish has made some fairly significant changes to the draw system process this year for non-resident elk hunters. Starting this year (2020) nonresident applicants will still have to apply for their elk tag by the 31st of January, however their application will remain in the Wyoming system …

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Removing Hide

Learn how to debone the meat from your next big game animal without field dressing. Public land hunter Brandon Mason breaks down step by step how to remove the meat from a bull elk. Front quarters, hind quarters, neck meat, backstops and tenderloins are all removed and the guts are …

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Guest Author: BRIAN PANELLI-ELK-NV-DIY-PL The weather broke from thunderstorms for a small time in the afternoon, and we made our move. We made our way into the wilderness as far away from people as possible. A combination of still–hunting and spot–and–stalk was our plan of attack now, and we planned …

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