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Wyoming Lowers Minimum Age To Hunt Big Game!

Both the Wyoming House and Senate overwhelmingly voted to reduce the legal age to hunt big game in Wyoming to 11 if the youth in question will turn 12 before the end of the calendar year in which the hunt occurs. For example, if one of my children wanted to hunt antelope in 2021 but wasn’t going to turn 12 until after the season ended, say in late November, they could now legally hunt. 

It’s news like this that makes me even more proud to be a resident of the Cowboy State! By easing up on the restriction that would keep some kids out of the field for another season, Wyoming has created a bridge for engaging our youth in the grand heritage of hunting. There has never been a better time for this than right now. With attacks on hunting coming from all sides we need changes such as this one to help us pass the torch. Way to go Wyo


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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, and apparently so does the Wyoming government. Getting young hunters out there is the key to future conservation. Plus I have one of those late birthdays you speak of, and had to wait a whole year before I could go on my first hunt. It’s tough seeing your friends get their bucks before you. Either way, great news and I love the blog!

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