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AZ Elk / Antelope Draw Results

Photo Credit: harrycollinsphotography

Results are now available for the Arizona mid-winter draw.

Results are only available through a portal account and can be found here: https://www.azgfd.com

Successful applicants who have been watching their checking accounts closely may have already noticed a charge from AZGFD for the amount of their tag. Now by logging in to the portal you can see full results including the tag and hunt numbers.

If you were one of the lucky applicants who now holds a coveted AZ tag you have already completed the hardest part of your quest. According to the department there were over 225,000 applicants for less than 25,000 permits. So at the macro level every tag holder had to beat out 8 competitors for a chance to pursue Grand Canyon state elk or goats in 2023.

Those fortunate enough to hold buck and bull tags are looking good. The state is experiencing tremendous winter moisture on the heels of an above average monsoon. This is good news for the author of this article and everyone else with a tag in their pocket.

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