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We are writing to you today because we need help! As a sportsman you understand the great tradition and heritage that Wyoming provides. Our state is home to some of the greatest recreational land in the world. It is why we hunt here, fish here and live here. There is …

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Reader response to feedback section Issue 96

Dear Eastman Family, My college roommate and I recently read an article in your feedback section from a subscriber unhappy with your marketing “genius” that provided your organization with the “No fences here” slogan. Basically, there is no argument. High fence hunting is NOT hunting. This subscriber was upset about …

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Expanded MRS

We have reworked and expanded the MRS (Members Research Supplement) section to give you the reader even more valuable hunting information. We’ve researched areas that potentially produce opportunities for quality trophy big game. In fact, I will be giving you picks that I personally believe are solid areas. The first …

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The Eastman Family

The hunting season so far has been great. We are right in the middle of editing TV shows and Guy and I have been burning the midnight oil working to get them done. The responses we have received from you folks on the content of the show are very inspirational. …

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Record Book Tundra Bulls on the Outdoor Channel

Mike, Guy and Cameron have just got back from a Quebec trophy caribou hunt and the action was nonstop on record book bulls. Observe Guy’s trashcan lid tops bull and Cameron’s monster with a 57-inch spread being taken by archery gear, spot-n-stalk style as they push their envelope of endurance …

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No Fences Here

Journey back in time when grizzly bears, wolves, elk, bighorns and mule deer lived in a wild and natural setting before the on slot of settlers moved in. Back when old trappers were still alive, like ones that trapped with Jim Bridger and Joe Meeks. A time when an adventurous …

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