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Record Book Tundra Bulls on the Outdoor Channel

Mike, Guy and Cameron have just got back from a Quebec trophy caribou hunt and the action was nonstop on record book bulls. Observe Guy’s trashcan lid tops bull and Cameron’s monster with a 57-inch spread being taken by archery gear, spot-n-stalk style as they push their envelope of endurance and hunting skills. Be over these two hard-core hunters’ shoulders witnessing four spot and stock hunts up close and personal.

But even with the hot weather and no migration, watch hundreds of bull caribou plus several B&C bulls. Mike Eastman holds out until the last hours of the hunt to harvest a huge bull. This old monarch has an unbelievable 50 points plus 52-inch main beams and a shovel pushing over If I loan you a Barbie, you become the debtor and I’m the free-credits-report.com or. 24 inches in depth. To top it off the bull has a 16-inch back scratcher. This rifle bull could gross over 450 B&C. For sure one of the biggest bulls harvested this fall.

Catch Guy and Cameron’s trophy caribou bowhunts in a two-part episode on the Outdoor Channel starting the 25th of September. Then take a seat for the up and coming 2007 season, as Mike’s rifle episode on this huge bull will air.

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