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Reader response to feedback section Issue 96

Dear Eastman Family,
My college roommate and I recently read an article in your feedback
section from a subscriber unhappy with your marketing “genius” that provided
your organization with the “No fences here” slogan. Basically, there is no
argument. High fence hunting is NOT hunting. This subscriber was upset
about your family “alienating” these high fence “hunters” from the overall
hunting family across the world. Across the generations, your family has
provided all of us with the embedded traditions and fairness towards the
animals that hunting should entail. This is the “big picture” of hunting,
and to this angry subscriber, i say it is YOU who has missed the big issue.

High fenced game ranches are not hunting, period. He states in his article
that hard earned days of scouting and chasing “fenced” animals, represent no
differences for you know the general vicinity of the animals. Hard earned
days of scouting and “living” with the animals IS hunting. It is easy to
forget and this man may need some reminding, that “hunting” in itself is
what the sport is all about, not merely the killing of record book animals.

It is in the times and adventures that we all share while hunting that IS
what the hunting traditions carried on by the Eastman family is all about.
Not the chasing of fenced animals that have no way of escape, 7500 acres or
not. Guy and his family have in no way driven a wedge into the community of

“real” hunting. These animals were not merely put on Earth to be shot every
time, like the guaranteed kills present on high fenced game ranches. Half of
the fun of hunting is when the smart ol’ big ones give you the slip and
defeat us who reside higher up the food chain. Guy, we ask you and your
family to please NEVER change your stance, values, and ethics of our great
hunting community, and please disregard those who pretend to “hunt.” Thanks
to you and your family with all that you do for hunters in pursuit of “fair
chase” animals worldwide.

Sean and Kurt

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