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$1 Million For Mule Deer and Sage Grouse Conservation

More good news this week on the wildlife management front! The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) partnered with the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) to support MDF’s Migration Corridor and Winter Range Initiative, to the tune of $395,000.  The grant will also “be matched by $756,000 to implement habitat projects that focus on big game migration corridors and greater sage-grouse core areas.”

It is nice to see non-profit organizations (NGOs), federal agencies, state agencies, media companies, ranchers, energy industry companies, and private citizens working together to manage the complex sagebrush landscape.

In case you missed it, the video is below to a recent film we did on the mule deer migration corridor topic, called IMPERILED. More projects like this are in the works and we’ll get you the latest and greatest information on these projects as they are unveiled.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.” The Good Lord gave us dominion over His creation to manage wisely for sustainable use. I, for one, am glad to see these joint efforts come to fruition. For too long groups have tried to make a difference on their own rather than work together. Unification under a common cause such as this is necessary for future sustainability of our natural resources.

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