I’m not going to lie – my stomach turned when I read this. On the surface it seems like a good thing to protect our wildlife and land resources from development. However, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been used for decades to further political agendas rather than actually do what it was set up to do.

Sportsmen truly do want necessary protections for wildlife and land so that we don’t revert to the Industrial Revolution days of highly polluted bodies of water and air, yet we hate to see unreasonable and intolerable regulations crush many of the jobs people depend on.

Finding the correct balance is a tough thing and we each have a different opinion on what that may be. I just wish the federal government would allow states to regulate themselves and their own resources and keep big brother out of it.

What say you?

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  1. Hmm, conundrum ? I have personally been impacted immensely by the massive boom of the energy industry on public lands. From hundreds of roads that now cover a once favored hunting area, to hundreds and hundreds of massive windmills placed on BLM with a web of roads leading to each windmill and destroying pronghorn movements.

    Not just public ground, even on private land I have now lost 5 goose hunting corn/crop fields to oil and gas companies placing massive tank farms and destroying the field for goose hunting. I understand the landowners side as they gain massive royalties and don’t need what turns out to be a minimal revenue in comparison to Goose Pit lease.

    On the other hand the US gained more energy independence and we (saw) lower fuel prices.

    I do feel more scrutiny is warranted when energy companies explode on public lands, in every case its immensely detrimental. No good answers it seems ?

  2. There is a balance that needs to be obtained, but not through emotions nor politics. It must come from the people being able to put their own opinions and emotions aside and work together toward the common goals we all have. When we put an end to being played against each other and unite we can set a very strong precedence. Then we will be able make a difference.

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