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Hunting Prep – Field dressing kit

This hunting tip on kill or field dressing kits breaks down the gear you need to build your own. Fieldcraft Survival’s Kevin Estela shares his favorite choices for knives, ropes, and other accessories for a versatile kill kit to carry while hunting any big game animal. Customize your kill kit for each hunt or scenario with these tips.

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  1. Here’s what you overlooked:
    1.Pruning shears in your truck: For whitetails, blacktails, pronghorn, small muley bucks or small cow elk, pruning shears can chop through the SIDES of the bones (there are foramen… aka “holes” …to the sides of the pelvic bones if you filet them out from the center of the pelvic bone) which allow a large opening around the anus to be opened rather than sawing through the middle of the pelvic bone. This allows a larger channel for blood and guts to be pulled out and drained easily.
    2. Citric acid: Get a small empty spray bottle and put about three teaspoons of citric acid powder in it (available from the canning section of grocery stores).Then add water to fill the spray bottle from your camelback or other water bottle at the kill site, shake it up, and spray on those areas exposed to flies and meat bees. The acid will help keep them away somewhat, but much better than nothing at all, and is safe as a food additive..
    3. Carabiners: if you have to hang meat for over night retrieval the next day, three carabiners weigh next to nothing in your pack, but can form a pulley system to raise an animal or quarters part way up into a tree. Then piss around it and leave some clothing, return early the next day to pack it out.

    From a older, but many times successful “meat hunter”.

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