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When Rattlesnakes Strike!

If you have ever hunted mule deer or antelope on the desert prairies that dominate portions of our landscape rattlesnakes have likely crossed your mind. On more than one occasion we have run into them and fortunately have been able to walk away without a quick trip to the E.R. for anti-venom. Press play on this video to see just how this encounter went, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Never seen one yet! Buddy got one few years back.
    Wouldnt share it with us ate it all him self. No longer hunt with him

    There protected here in wisconsin slightly differnent version than out west extremly rare here.

  2. We found a Mojave Green in our walled front courtyard in July here in the Sandia Mountains –– and was it ever cross when I nudged it out the gate! Only about 2.5′ but the most venomous in North America.

  3. I haven’t run into one yet, thank God. I probably wouldn’t have the nerves to do what you just did though!

  4. Bowhunting the bad lands of Wyoming they are very common, be aware stay out of their space and hunt on

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