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2016 Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour and Trade Show Schedule

Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. producer of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal and Eastmans’ Hunting TV, will launch our annual Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour at Sportsmen’s Warehouse in Sheridan, Colorado. Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour displays 12 incredible deer heads this year.

Eastmans’ attends numerous trade shows and events across the western U.S. each year to share the #1 magazines for hardcore western hunters, our latest books and DVDs and our jewel – the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour. Hosted by Roger Selner for the last 30 years, the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour is one of the most popular hunting/sports show attractions in existence. Roger has traveled over two million miles, exhibiting at over 600 shows, in over 200 cities, across 46 states and has contracted over 200 deer heads for the tour and still continues to today. New this year to 2016 Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour team is Dan Woodbridge. Dan’s passion for trophy deer runs deep.

Don’t miss Guy Eastman live at the Sacramento, CA – Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT- ISE shows. Guy is clearly the authority for the next generation of fair chase, western trophy big game hunters. He’s a dynamic lecturer, host of Eastmans’ Hunting TV and Editor-In-Chief of both the Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals.

Come join us for another exciting year in western big game hunting and don’t forget totop by our booth for exciting show specials.

Also, take a look at our sponsors for 2016 – Eberlestock, Mathews Archery, Sitka Gear, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Tecnu, YETI Coolers and Zeiss. And a special thank you to Wildlife Recapture Taxidermy who prepared the world-class mounts for Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour over the years.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016!

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2016 Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour Dates and Locations

Date                                                   Location
January 8-10 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Sheridan, CO
January 14-17 International Sportsman’s Exposition, Denver CO
January 21-24 International Sportsman’s Exposition, Sacremento CA
January 29-31 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Fresno CA
February 12-14 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Rapid City SD
February 18-21 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Williston ND
March 4-6 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Flagstaff AZ
March 10-13 International Sportsman’s Exposition, Scottsdale AZ
March 17-20 International Sportsman’s Exposition, Salt Lake City UT
August 5-7 Sportsman’s Warehouse, West Jordan UT
August 12-14 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Spokane WA
August 19-21 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Missoula MT
August 26-28 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Casper WY
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  1. Where in Rapid City are they going to be because there is no Sportsman’s Warehouse in Rapid?

  2. Richard Hettinga Sr

    I have seen your show and it reminded me of the widest buck I have ever seen even in magazines. This was a long time ago but I’m thinking it was over 50 inches. I took a pic but can’t find it of course. If you are interested in trying to locate this rack please contact me for more info.

  3. I live in Flagstaff, Az. and there are 2 different dates showing the Eastman’s Tour at our Sportsman Warehouse. One is Feb 26 Thru 29 and the other is March 4- Thru 6, 2016??? Which dates are correct?

  4. Don’t you like New Mexico or Do you rotate cities and states on a yearly basis? Thank-you. Richard.

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