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Inside a Hunting Backpack! Essential Gear for Any Hunter

DIY public land hunter and Eastmans’ staffer Scott Reekers shares the gear he used during his big game hunting season. He talks through his backpack, sleep system, clothing and a basic overview of other products he carries on a hunt. Leave a comment and let us know which gear you would like to see us review more in depth in the future.

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Look at the hoodie: https://www.eastmans.com/product-page/ehj-redline-the-pulse

For more on the backpack used in this video: https://blog.eastmans.com/eberlestock-pack-review-the-little-big-top-and-big-top/

For more on the sleeping pad featured in this video : https://blog.eastmans.com/eastmans-gear-lab-backcountry-sleeping-pads/

For more on the sleeping bag featured in this video: https://blog.eastmans.com/eastmans-gear-lab-backcountry-sleeping-bags/

Listen to more about gear on Eastmans Elevated: https://soundcloud.com/user-727379332/episode-95-backcountry-gear-with-scott-reekers

About Scott Reekers

Scott Reekers

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  1. Good info

  2. Can you share your kill kit ?

  3. Excellent video.

  4. Nice video giving basic plan layout of back country pack.
    Thanks Scott!

  5. What brand of gun cleaning kit is that? review candidate!

  6. Well done. What was the make & model headlamp?

  7. I’m looking for a back pack to carry out a Whitetail. I had a situation where I couldn’t drag or get to the deer, So with my meat packing plant back round, I quartered him out and tried to get him in my regular back pack. Had to make 2 trips.

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