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Eberlestock Pack Review: The Little Big Top and Big Top

Choosing the right gear for your backcountry hunting adventure is one of the most important pieces of hunt planning. Press play to Join Eastmans’ staffer Brandon Mason as he reviews the latest offerings from EberlestockThe Little Big Top and the Big Top.

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  1. BEST packs bar none!! I have a X1 and was very impressed with it on my mountain goat hunt. I didn’t have a pack frame that had a gun scabbard so I took my x1 to the top of the world with me. After killing my goat I tied the cape and head directly to the pack and started down the mountain. I expected torn out zippers and seams all over the place before I could get off the mountain. Spent the next 24 hours packing an extra 80lbs with all of my normal equipment and gun on the pack. Was some of the most trecerous terrain I have ever been in, and I fell down plenty. After finally getting to the bottom of the mountain my pack was still in near perfect condition. I still use it today and will continue to support these products. Thank you Eberstock!!

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