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Idaho’s Top Antelope Units – 2019 Edition!

Top LE Pronghorn Units

Trophy pronghorn and Idaho are two things that most hunters don’t throw into the same category. However, for opportunity at a solid buck, and with very high harvest odds to boot, Idaho can stand behind that. Not to mention the unlimited hunts for archery tackle. If you haven’t chased a prairie speedster with a stick and string, this is a great hunt choice to consider. You will be hard pressed to find a more difficult foe for spot and stalk method. Any way you look at it the Gem State offers up some solid hunts, the following write-up captures a few of the more sought-after choices, good luck in the draws!

Top Archery Units

Unit 40-1 is a strong contender for the bowhunter. Harvest odds are solid and the average buck for the early season is over 13” and the average buck during the unlimited season is over 14”! That is actually an incredible stat. As to be expected archery hunting these animals is no joke. If you choose the spot and stalk option like I do you will likely find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotion. There are few hunts that sharpen your stalking skills better, and for that reason plus the fact these critters are wonderful on the dinner plate, I choose to start my year out chasing these guys across the desert flats.

Unit 54 and 51-1 are broken down more in the any-weapon section, but these hunts are excellent choices. 55-1 has unbelievable harvest stats for a bow hunt, and the trophy quality is solid as well.

Top Any-weapon Units

Unit 38-1 – Just south of Boise, this hunt choice is solid as well. A quick look at OnXmaps shows a large island of BLM and state land, the terrain is open and easy to traverse. Trophy quality is as good as Idaho has to offer. Bucks in the mid-70s are achievable and the possibility of a book buck is here for sure.

Unit 52A-1 – This is a very large unit located northeast of Twin Falls, ID and very accessible. Bucks are solid, with a current 3-year average just over 13”. Terrain is varied, something for everyone, some broken country and open flats. You can even hunt the Craters of the Moon National Preserve! Draw odds are tough as to be expected, but a worthwhile choice for those willing to wait.

Unit 54 – WAY down on the southern border kissing the Nevada line, this hunt choice is another chart-topper. Harvest is steady, averaging 70% plus for the past three years. Trophy quality is solid for Idaho. Terrain here is broken and treed in the foothills, lowlands are the go to place. But these foothills are solid producers and offer excellent stalking. Don’t be afraid to look high for these guys. It’s not uncommon to find them on the ridge tops chasing does.

Unit 55-1 – This unit is new to the list as of 2017 and from early reports we see excellent harvest stats – 100% on the 10 permits and the average trophy quality was the best we saw statewide. Draw odds here are tough. Nonresidents didn’t see any permits for rifle, but they did get 1 archery permit. Definitely a worthy unit for those willing to wait the odds out.

Unit 68 – Laying southwest of Idaho Falls, this unit has always been a consistent producer of solid bucks and great harvest odds. A small chunk of the Craters of the Moon National Preserve lay within its boundaries, and 70% of the unit is public. Terrain is pretty open, great rifle hunt.

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