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The Hilleberg Kaitum 2

Hilleberg Blow In

Hilleberg is known for building some of the most robust tents on the planet. This past hunting season I was able to put the Kaitum 2 through the wringer and it performed flawlessly. For whatever reason, I was subject to more than my fair share of rainstorms while in the field. Of the 30 nights I spent inside its protective walls, 16 of them were subject to rain.

On one particular night in the middle of the Wyoming deer season, we had a storm roar in that cemented my faith in the stout nature of the Kaitum 2. My hunting partner and I woke up to horizontal rain pushed by some wind that only the Wyoming high country can produce. The forecast had predicted some rain but not to the extent that we experienced. The tent withstood the test for three days and if we had not run out of time, would have lasted even longer.

Unfortunately we didn’t harvest the buck that we were waiting on to make a mistake but we never got wet inside the Kaitum 2, even after three days of rain. The tent’s dual wall system with excellent ventilation made for a very comfortable stay, even with the extreme wind and rain. We also had enough space to sit up and move around when we needed to prevent us from going stir crazy.

The tube-style body paired with dual vestibules provided plenty of space while we waited out the storm. Our gear stayed dry, even with packs, boots, rain gear and food all jammed inside. The only thing we could have used was a deck of cards to pass the time. As strong of a shelter as the Kaitum 2 is, it doesn’t come with a flat screen TV for entertainment in the backcountry!

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