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Broncos Finally Score

Image from Derek’s Instagram Account After a tough season when it seemed like the Broncos new multi-million-dollar quarterback had difficulty scoring, retired Denver Broncos defensive lineman and Super Bowl champion Derek Wolfe did score by killing a huge 200-pound, 8.5-foot mountain lion… and he did it with a bow. The …

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Colorado Kills OTC Elk Tags!

At a hybrid, in-person/virtual meeting January 17 and 18 in Colorado Springs, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission kicked off discussion for the next 5-year Big Game Season Structure (we’re entering the 4th year of the current plan). They will consider shifting to a 7-year structure in the future to …

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Grizzly Bears Test Positive for Avian Flu

Three juvenile grizzly bears have tested positive for avian flu this fall according to Montana FWP. The bears displayed a high amount of disorientation, partial blindness and appeared to be in poor bodily condition. Two were in the Augusta area and the other was near Kalispell. The bears were euthanized …

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California MRS: Things to Watch For

Tis the Legislative Season and with that comes new laws and regulations.  California has been in the spotlight over the last few years for the Anti-Bear Hunting movement that has been happening there.  Anti-hunting NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) have attempted to get bear hunting removed from California.  The removal of bear …

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10 Most Common Big Game Violations: Part 2

No Evidence of Sex/Species Naturally Attached (Idaho Code 36-1401(a)(2)(M) (Infraction $136) In Idaho you are required to leave the evidence of sex and/or species naturally attached to all big game animals.  This means all deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, pronghorn and moose must have evidence of sex naturally attached.     …

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