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Sportsman- What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?” This popular line from Shakespeare applies to more in life than you might realize. A name or descriptive terminology for something often has much deeper roots than we’ve been taught to believe. Such is the case with the term “Sportsman.” For years I’ve had a problem …

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Going Solo: Its All On You

SUBSCRIBE TO EHJ TO READ THE STORY FOR THIS BULL! As summer approaches, tags are being drawn, plans begin to form, everyone is getting excited for the season ahead. I was lucky enough to pull a challenging mountain goat tag in my home state of Wyoming, which is going to …

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Trigger Warning-Grizzly Safe Space?

A recent Powell Tribune article attempts to examine the reason that grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are ranging further afield from their “core area” or DMA (demographic monitoring area). Last year a sow and cubs was discovered just east of Powell, Wyoming in a farmer’s field, that’s a long …

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The New Yeti Loadout Gobox!

Hunter Ike Eastman shares his experience with the YETI Loadout Gobox, the latest release from the durability king. Dust proof, water proof and shock resistant this cargo box was made for riding on ATVS and in truck beds to the trailhead. Ike packs his with hunting accessories including ammunition, optics …

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