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Wild Game Sausage Preparation

Big game hunters Ike Eastman and Todd Helms join forces to make homemade breakfast sausage. This DIY game meat sausage recipe is quick and easy using a Hi Mountain Seasonings blend. Helms shares his tips and tricks to ensure the grind process is smooth and hassle free ensuring a premium …

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Colorado App Explosion: Part Two

  Rocky Mtn. sheep and goat licenses in Colorado exploded this year, 279% and 467%, creating an enormous logjam of new license seekers that will make it far more difficult to draw a license for Rockies or goats in Colorado if you are not already sitting on weighted points. Last …

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It’s Your Fault

Yup, you heard it correctly, it’s your fault as a hunter that a lion recently attacked two Washington State cyclists. According to Brooks Fahy the Director of Predator Defense, hunting and killing adult male lions puts the “social structure” of a cougar population into “social chaos,” with younger animals making …

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Montana Grizzly Bear Attack

As the spring season progresses and hibernation comes to an end, there is always the unplanned risk of encountering a bear in the field. Amber Kornak was unfortunately an example of this experience and was mauled by a grizzly bear on the job. Kornak, a 28 year old bear researcher …

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Colorado Application Explosion

Please Welcome All Your New Friends The Colorado numbers are out. In 2018, applications for sheep and goat are way, way up and your future draw odds will drop dramatically for bighorn sheep and goats. If you applied for Colorado Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep as a nonresident in 2017, you …

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Poaching Restitution: Is It Enough?

Do Convicted Poachers Pay Enough to Deter Others? All of us get frustrated when we hear about poachers violating the public trust and illegally taking the wildlife that we pay to see flourish and that every citizen has the right to enjoy. Law-abiding hunters that wait years to hunt that …

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